Tuesday, 24 March 2015

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The Sound of Scurrying

There were Veer-myn beneath Exham IV.

Recon Unit 6-12 worked her way closer to the spaceport, and at a convergence of four tunnels hollowed out into a vast cavern she found more Veer-myn than she had encountered in any operation, a seething mass of thousands.

Viral outbreaks had long been documented as tools of the Veer-myn, and the bleeding sickness planet side could only have been a first strike on the Mi-Gan troopers already struggling with a dying population in open revolt.
The chance of such a potently virulent disease reaching Priory Station and spreading through the core worlds was alone enough for 6-12 to order an immediate Containment Protocol, but the sheer size of the Veer-myn brood was a danger in itself. If the brood splintered, confirming the elimination of all Veer-myn on Exham may be impossible.

To increase the chance of mission success she would have to tag the Brood Mother. Knowing that she would never leave those tunnels, 6-12 loading her rifle with tracer darts and fired. The effect was instantaneous; the entire colony was roused at their Mother’s keening wail and, drawing on the brood’s group perception, focused on 6-12.

She ran out of ammunition before she ran out of targets...
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Enforcer Jetbike Preview
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