Friday, 6 March 2015

Dreadball Season 4 - Unboxing and Review - Part 2

As well as the Dreadball teams that I covered in the previous post there's also quite a few new MVPs around for an enterprising Dreadball team to choose from...should they have the funds that is...

Not all of the MVP's you will have received should you have acquired these model via the Kickstarter will be in the season four rulebook so we'll divide them up a little as appropriate.

As usual we'll have a look at them unassembled first...which in this case really means 'not glued to a base yet'.

Season Four Rampage/Frenzy MVP Pack - Unassembled

Season Four Rampage/Frenzy MVP Pack - Assembled

The following models are ones listed in the Dreadball Season Four booklet...




Irsala Sephalin

Lyra the Fixer

Schnorkel the Avenger

The Excavator

These ones however aren't in the Season four ruulebook but if you'd like more information on their backgrounds (or the ones above for that matter) then there's a handy Mantic related encyclopaedia called C.o.S.I.S. available here.

Ardia Shi'lek

Brickbat Vognar

Brute Force


Dead Man Davitz



Mzei Kein


This one is less an MVP and more a useful marker...

Rush Tracker

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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