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More Deadzone : Infestation News...

Activate Containment Protocol!

The Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter is now one week old, so far allowing us to fund plastic Night-crawlers, Pathfinders, Industrial Scenery, Accessories and more, with plastic Enforcer Jetbikes and Veer-myn Shredders not far behind. What a result!
Our next goal will see not one but two of the hard plastic Enforcer Jetbikes included in the Quarantine pledge at no extra cost.
This Kickstarter is all about making an exciting and innovative game even better – and if you’ve never tried Deadzone before, we recommend watching this demo game between grand master James M. Hewitt and our Warren at Beasts of War:
With the extra focus on Deadzone, we have a range of deals for our retailers so that they can benefit from the added interest the Kickstarter has given us. This means that we're able to share the game with more people, as well as being able to dip into our existing Deadzone range and make some of it available for you to get on the Kickstarter (and likewise, they’re able to get the same deals for their customers no problem!) - and that means we can run some great deals!
Deadzone Faction Starters - All of the existing miniatures are compatible with the new rulebook, and now you can get your collection started, or expand the troops and specialists you have in your force, with these original Deadzone faction starters. Each one a deal in it’s own right, you can also get all 6 for $100, saving you $50 off pledging for them separately.
Containment Protocol - the Original Deadzone Starter Set plus the Nexus Psi, Deadzone: Incursion and Deadzone: Contagion expansions.

This great value-for-money set will come in the pledge manager with the option of early shipping, so you can get playing and painting whilst you wait for your Infestation pledge to arrive!
And that's not all the Kickstarter has to offer...
Free Faction Booster! The Quarantine Pledge just got better value with your choice of a free $25 Faction Booster, either bolstering the Enforer forces with Peacekeepers and a Strider, or the Veer-myn with the new Progenitor and Shredders! Find out more here.
Build Better Battlefields - now you can get all of the Industrial-themed Battlezone terrain without any of the rules or miniatures. This level is packed full of exciting accessories like the pipe network, conveyor belt, wall tiles, fuel tanks and more, and is fully compatible with the innovative plastic modular Battlezones range. Pop on over to nab yourself a scenery deal.
There are just 10 days left of the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter. Find out more by watching the Kickstarter Video:
Click the image to watch the video!
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