Monday, 9 March 2015

Batman Miniatures Game - New Rulebook

The fine gentlemen at Knight Models have blessed us recently with a Batman Miniatures Game.

This as the name indicates allows us to play a skirmish game set in DC Comics world and fight out some of those classic comic book battles and also allows the few of us who secretly wanted the bad guys to win to have a chance to make exactly that occur...

Up until recently the rules for this game have been available for free in a downloadable supplement that has undergone several changes as rule (and the odd translation) issues have been found and resolved. Now all these lessons have been put together into a shiny new rulebook and it's an excellent piece of work.

There are two versions of this book (a standard version and a limited edition 'Joker' version) of which I ordered the Joker version. The only major differences are the cover artwork and the free model you acquire. The standard version comes with Alfred while the Limited version comes with the Joker in his 'Red Hood' aspect.

I'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere for the Alfred Pennyworth miniature but there will be pics of my Red Hood at some point in the near future after we've looked at the Rulebook...

Editors Note - For larger versions of the individual pictures just click on them.

The Cover.
The book is of excellent quality and should be able to survive the clutches of even the most heavy handed of game playing super villains...

The Rules.
The rules sections are well laid out with many explanatory diagrams the majority of which use Knight Models miniatures in them which does a wonderful job of bringing those sections to life. I've shown some sample pages below so you can get an idea of the effort that's gone into making these sections clear and still visually stimulating.

The Crews.
There's also information on all the existing crews and some information on a few new ones...

The book is filled with artwork in a number of different styles and there are very few pages indeed without either a great piece of artwork or an inspiring model picture on them.

Of course no skirmish game is really complete without some missions for our awesome crews to accomplish through their fiendish master-plans.

Miniatures Gallery.
The rulebook also contains pictures of pretty much the entire model range in all their painted glory...

For those people who aren't die-hard followers of the Batman comics, computer games and the like there's a handy background section to give you some insight into the motivations and backgrounds of the various factions and their followers. This section is also filled with great artwork...

There's also some templates and a quick reference guide for you to photocopy for your own use.

The Model.
You'll either have Alfred Pennyworth if you bought the standard rulebook or the Red Hood if you acquired the Joker version...I got the Red Hood...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. Great review ! I can't wait for my book ! :D

    1. It is excellent. It's probably worth having even if you don't play the game, lol.

  2. It feels like it's taking forever to arrive but I know I'm just being impatient. Thanks for all the photos, they definitely helped tide me over while I await my delivery.


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