Monday, 23 March 2015

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Caster issues over...metal models incoming...

Almost There!
After a lot of turbulence we are about to start our metal schedule again. Due to the unfortunate circumstances regarding our casters we have had to put a hold on our metal releases for a while now but they have been working hard and are back on a regular schedule. Which means we will shortly be back on one too :)
Starting next week we shall be releasing metal figures again!

And the reason for our grandiose newsletter subject is...
Coming Soon - Justice Sedante
The metal version of Sedante will be one of our first new releases. We bumped her up the schedule so our retun to metal would start with a bang! :)
Painted version by Adam Skinner
Coming Soon - Maika von Ostwald
To make that bang a little bigger we also bumped up Maika for you fantasy lovers out there!
Painted version by Andy Wedmore
Get one of the above FREE!
As part of the moulding process for the above two minis I had some test spins done, as we were a little worried about the intricacy and some of the possible breakage points. As it turns out, we needn't have been. Between Kev's magic fingers and the craftsmen at Griffin they have turned out perfectly.
As such I have a small bag of each just sort of sitting here :)

So... while stocks last (We'll update the front of the website and theFB page when they have run out) anyone making an order of £50 or more can write in the comments either 'Give me Maika!' or 'Give me Sedante!' and we will drop one of the pre-release minis in your order completely FREE!
Salute 2015
Yes, we'll be at Salute, as you can see from the subtle additions I've made to the map above, we'll be in our usual corner spot, so no excuse for not finding us! :)
As the entrance is in a different place than usual this year we are technically at the back left corner after you walk through the doors, so keep that in mind.
We'll let you know the procedure for making a Salute pre-order in next week's newsletter. So yes, there will be one (And no you can't combine the previous offer with it :) ).
Paintbrush Kickstarter
WAMP have a kickstarter going great guns at the moment for a new set of brushes.
As any longtime fans of Hasslefree know, WAMP are longstanding friends of ours and run a regular painting competition for our figures. They're very well regarded within the miniature painting community and I know for a fact that they have done their homework with regards to these brushes.

The artists who have been trying out the brushes and have given recommendations are people we know and trust, so if you're looking for some new brushes for any reason, these are the ones to look at :)
Website Downtime
We've been attempting to do a switchover, behind the scenes, for our website. You may notice a few cosmetic changes up front already and we have been working on a way to switch to the new backend (which you guys won't even see much of). We believe that will be happening this week and as such there may be a day or more that the website is down.
There will be an explanation on the Facebook page when it is 'and' we hope to have up a landing page instead of the site so nobody sees a blank page or something and freaks out because they haven't read this :)

It won't be down long and when it comes back it should have a bunch of new items on it :)

Also, keep an eye on our re-opened Ebay store as that will be repopulated with goodies in case anyone desperately wants to buy something while we are down. I believe you can subscribe to it so you'll get a message when we start uploading things :)
And Finally...
Kev did an AMA at Reddit this weekend, the Q&A session is up permanently for anyone who's interested :)
Both Kev and I had birthdays this month, if you didn't send us a gift then not to worry, that cold you now have had nothing to do with me sneezing in your order.
Don't forget to keep up with all of Kev's greenstuff fiddling on hisartists FB page, if you want any input into anything he's making that's the place to go, by the timt they reach the HF FB page they are finished and no amount of asking for a new weapon or a hat will make the slightest bit of difference!
I think that's it, this week is a huge week for us so everyone cross your fingers, toes and anythign else ya got!
'til next time

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