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UK Games Expo 2015 - Bring and Buy

One of the many popular features at the UK Games Expo...

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The Bring and Buy submissions are live

Last year the bring and buy achieved a status normally confined to black holes and collapsed under its own gravity. This year we have totally redesigned the Bring and buy. The items on display will now be on shelves giving a huge expansion of the display space. So visiting the Bring and buy will be like walking a round a shop.
But the major overhaul is the checking in mechanism. Avoid the queues by listing your items in advance online and then on arrival you turn up and labels are printed for your items. Slap on the labels and leave your items on display and then go and game.
On the day we will have laptops ready to register items but do yourself a favour and do it before you arrive.
With these changes the Bring and Buy can thrive and expand. Read on for the details.
Best wishes
Richard, Tony, Patrick, John, Keith and Lindsey.
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BnB has become massively popular and usually shows of the UKGE's size retire the BnB because it is to big to handle. However we know how much you like it and so we are trying to make it work no matter how big it gets.
This year's BnB at the UKGE will be undergoing a major change and it is important you take note of how it will run to avoid delays and frustration on the weekend.
How will it work?
In order to solve the problems of booking in/ selling and collecting we have computerised the entire system. You must now enter your lots to be sold via a UKGE account - no account - no sale. This will enable us to barcode every item and track what is sold to make the whole process quicker.
Booking IN
This year ALL items sold at the BnB MUST be entered into the online database in order to be sold.
Each item requires a title,description,category(pick the one that best suits) and price.
You may add and remove items as you see fit up until you come to book in at the show
At the show report to the BnB booking in point and give your account email address or name.
Low tack removalble labels will be printed for you to fix to your lots.
You must pay £1 per 10 lots or part thereof
If you have added your lots before the show booking in should be very quick, we have special label printers that will print 50+ labels a minute. So it should take as long as it takes to stick the labels on the goods. TAKE NOTE : BOOK IN BEFORE THE SHOW.
There will be computers available for booking in if you haven't done it before the show but if you end up waiting then it's your own fault. You can book your stuff in via any web enabled device as it is simply done via the UKGE website.
All items will now be sorted in to categories and placed on racking so you can browse through them rather than trying to get to the front of a table
No bags are allowed into the shop area.
Collect what you wish to buy and go to the checkout
Barcodes will be scanned and goods checked to ensure that the label matches the item
You pay for your items and exit the shop.
The shop layout should ensure more people can see more stuff at any one time and the space should be better used. As the goods are in categories it should make it easier for you to find stuff you re interested in rather than having to sift through boxes that have no interest for you. It will be possible to look at the BnB goods via our website.
When collecting you go to the collection point
You give your account name or email
BnB staff will print out a summary sheet that will show, all items sold and sale price, total sold, commision owed, money owed to account holder, list of unsold items
You can now be paid and collect your unsold items presenting the printout at the checkout as proof that you own the items and are removing them from the BnB. The BnB staff will then scan them so they are removed from the system and you can go.
This should be quicker and more accurate as the computer does all the hard work and you can collect your own unsold items.
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