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Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Some interesting news for the future...and a new sculpt or two...

It's all Black & White!
After a lot of bumps in the road, some our own fault, some tragic circumstance and some just random unforseen events, we have finally reached the next step in Hasslefree Miniature's evolution.
Black & White Games Ltd is a company formed to take Hasslefree to the next level. We'll be expanding in interesting new directions, adding new faces (and hands), finally delving into the dreaded 'KS' universe and generally moving up in the world :)
(And yes, it is a most puntastic name, thank you for noticing)
What does this mean for you guys? Well, slightly anticlimatically, not that much to begin with. We're easing you guys into it, so the first step is simply a slight overhaul of the website (most of which is behind the scenes) and the restart of our metal production.
We will still be 'Hasslefree Miniatures' and everything that entails. Same quality sculpts and casts, same level of service and same ugly mugs!
You will just see some different details show up on your paypal statements or our contact page etc.
Our next step will be incorporating the Artemis Black's IP and retail business into the site and adding various retail lines that we think you guys may be interested in. That will start next week.

We then have to get Salute out of the way, have a quick breather (Salute demands it), and then plough on with the next steps, all of which we shall keep you updated with via our newsletters, facebook page and an upcoming new forum.

So, without further ado, let's get on with the 'ridiculous' amount of awesomeness that we have coincided with our little relaunch...

Resin Master - Salome Kohn
Hexenjäger Salome Kohn is the embodiment of everything the world 'knows' about the Witch Hunters.

Fearless to the extreme, unwavering in her resolve and deadly enough to be the thing that scares the creatures of the dark.
Kohn is seen here armed simply with pistol and sword (as well as an innumerable amount of potions, stakes, wards etc) and dressed in the traditional outfit of the Hunters, with capotain and longcoat.

For those of you who dislike the hat... Kev has been uncommonly nice and created an exclusive resin master of her without the hat. This variant will 'not' be available in metal as we firmaly believe that Witch Hunters come with hats and those of you buying the hatless version will be hunted down as the Heretics that you are!)

Resin Master - Hatless Salome Kohn
... Kev has been uncommonly nice and created an exclusive resin master of her without the hat. This variant will almost certainly 'not' be available in metal as we firmly believe that Witch Hunters come with hats and those of you buying the hatless version will be hunted down as the Heretics that you are!

Resin Master - Tregar
Little is known of Tregar's origin, too many conflicting tales muddy the waters. Most agree that his battle against the great Hog Giant in the Swamps of Hen'Darr was one of epic proportions. Some tales include a stint as the leader of one of the roaming tribes of the Southern Steppes and others say it was as a Zuun of the Horde. Vying with the great 'Wolf' for most talked about barbarian in the realms, find any tavern favoured by the adventuring kind and you will find another story of 'Tregar the Wanderer'.
Seen here mid-fight and armed with a battleaxe and shield with a longsword strapped to his thigh.
Tregar is our 100th fantasy human code! And is named in honour of the Great Bearded One himself.

Resin Master - Xanthia
Xanthia, Jewel of Tana, is the leader of a group of coastal raiders. Operating both on and off the coast of Tana, her small band of corsairs seem to have a knack for knowing when and where to strike. Rumour has it that the group has access to a seer of some kind.

(Another, less repeated, rumour has it that Xanthia is an ex ... partner of the mighty barbarian Tregar)
This resin master will become the metal version later in the year, she does however have a resin production variant seen below.

Resin - Xanthia Skyclad
The rumours are true, sort of. Xanthia herself is the seer of her people. Adhering to an ancient tradition Xanthia performs her rituals 'skyclad'. Adhering to more modern sensibilities though she is never far from her weapons!

(The other rumours are true as well, shh!)

This is a resin production model and will be available permanently, it will not be available in metal. Therefore she will come in our usual HF blue/grey resin.

Resin Master - Argia Tholos
Argia Tholos, a White Witch, seen here with her ever-present oaken staff. A mortal enemy of the followers of the Dark Gods, especially the Succubi of Sthorana, she is rarely seen away from the Riftlands.
She has become such a thorn in the side of the Succubi that their own dark witches have even taking to glamouring themselves into looking like a perversion of her form.

Resin Master - Semira Marise
Semira Marise is an elder Witch of Sthorana. A longtime foe of Argia Tholos, it was her idea for the Succubi to glamour themelves into her form and sow discord for her amongst the people of the Riftlands.

Seen here dressed in a perversion of the clothing of the White Witches.

Resin Master - Incubus (c)
Yup, there's another one, and this one seems just as proud as the others!

Resin Master - Shayida
Another of Kev's 'finished dollies' that will only be available in resin.Shayida will go on to become another figure of ours but in the meantime we offer you the 'skyclad' version to join LenaTabitha andGia!

Resin Master - Joanne
Joanne 'Jo Jo' Kimber survived the Zombocalypse almost entirely by following one simple rule - 'Everything dies if you hit it hard enough'. Not to be confused with her fellow britpunk 'Joe', also a fan of the 'baseball bat to the noggin' approach.
This figure came about as an off the cuff challenge Kev started on his FB artist's page to genderswap two of our existing figures.

Resin Master - Ensign Shay
Shay is an Ensign of the Galactic Navy. From the same planet asCommo Misha and Nurse Layla she is dressed in a style similar to retro Earth fashion.

Ensign Shay is a security officer and thus is allowed to carry a personal firearm. She is seen here with a weapon from her home planet.

Justice Sedante, Interstellar Arbiter
The far-flung future is not a place safe from nightmares. Creatures from other dimensions, distant hell-worlds and those who seek to worship or use them for their own evil ends all need to be stopped.Justice Sedante is one of those who does the stopping. A member of a shadowy organisation, drawing a line back to an ancient Earth fellowship, that answers to no planet or governing body, she hunts down such threats and metes out her own particular brand of, well, justice. Armed here with a chainsword and laser pistol (and who knows what else in the folds and pouches of her outfit).

Painted version by Adam Skinner

Maika von Ostwald, Rebellious Daughter
Maika is the rebellious only daughter of Margraf von Ostwald. After her older brother, and heir to the von Ostwald estate, was killed in battle when she was a teenager, Maika decided to prove she was every bit worthy of the title herself. Joining the Emperor's Greatswords, she rose through the ranks and now commands her own Unit.
Armed here with her giant flamberge and showing a distinct air of cocky reassurance.

Painted version by Andy Wedmore

An Opulence of Succubi!
(Apparently that's a real collective noun, it's in a book and everything! )

A multipack of 3 of the Succubi of the HF world.  This 'Opulence' pack includes what we have taken to calling the Lascivious One, The Posing One and the Sultry One!
10% discount over individual purchases, which you can see below...

Succubus (a), The Lascivious One
The Succubi of the HF world aren't always shy and demuring young daemonettes, sometimes, as the situation warrants, they can be quite... forthright :)

Succubus (b), The Posing One
Some of them do try however. This one is shown langorously stretching herself.
Painted version by Adam Halon

Succubus (c), The Sultry One
And this one is giving it quite the attempt!

Salute 2015, Pre-Order Code
Hey guys, right, the code for pre-ordering for Salute 2015 is...
I know, I don't know how we come up with them either, we're just that good.

The code is entered on the final page before order confirmation (in a box at the top) and it will zero out your postage and change your order to collection 'and' it will allow you to choose a free gift mini from a list.

Also if your order is over £50 then we wil drop that free gift in a goodie bag, and the goodie bag will get larger as your order does :)

Should you want to make a second or even a third order for pick up at Salute, as we do have new releases between now and then, simply add a B or a C to the end i.e. SALUTE2015B or SALUTE2015C.

Important note about Resins Masters for Salute

The earlier you order resins the better, we will 'not' be carrying a huge stock of resin masters or anything at the show so we will need some lead time for you.

(Look how incredibly professional that map is! We paid someone a 'lot' of money for that, so you now have no excuses for not being able to find us)

And Finally...
There's currently a pseudo-poll over on our Facebook page to ask what variant (or variants) of Lenore you guys wants. She was our most popular mini of 2014 so we're listening to your wallets and offering more of what you want :)

There's a 'lot' of stuff coming from us over the next few months, we are a few months behind our schedule due to the things mentioned right at the top of the newsletter, so we are basically about to go into hyperdrive :) As such it's likely that our newsletters will go weekly, if this seems too much for you you can just keep up with the happenings on our Facebook Page instead at your leisure.

For everyone who keeps asking, the answer is 'Yes', the resin minis you want will be coming in metal (Unless it specifically says otherwise in it's description). That's probably the most frequent question I get asked these days :)

As I regularly do, I'm going to remind you guys about Kev's Artist Facebook Page. This is where he posts photos of the WIPs of his newest minis and where you have your best bet of influencing the end result. If you wait for it to show up here or on the main HF Facebook Page then it's finished and you have considerably less hope!
Next week's newsletter will, hopefully, be back on our regular Sunday schedule and it'll start off our retail expansion. Who's excited?!
Hmm, the utter lack of immediate feedback typing that question into form newsletter software does not give me the required amount of adrenalin, I may need to jump about the room a little bit.


'til next time


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