Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Sunday Round-Up

Well my Dreadball Season 4 and Dreadball Xtreme stuff is now assembled, I've had a day of Necromunda and had my first session of the Privateer Press RPG 'Iron Kingdoms' so all in all not a bad week.


There have also been a lot of newsletters including ones from Forge World, Hawk Wargames, Mongoose Publishing, Privateer Press, Scale 75, Warlord Games and one from Mantic Games that I even got a mention in. As usual they can all be found in the Newsletters tab at the top of the blog or by clicking here.

Unboxings and Reviews.

The Unboxing tab now has the above mentioned Dreadball Xtreme and Dreadball Season Four un-boxings and reviews in it as well as many things done previously that you may have missed. regardless it can be found here.

Our RPG session was mainly set on a train meaning that it's totally fine for me to use the above picture...again...

As mentioned in this article about my first involvement with the Iron Kingdoms RPG our plan was to have the first session yesterday...and in a rare and amazing moment in RPG planning all the people who said they were going to turn up did and they had character sheets with them. I'll be writing up our first session though it's unlikely to appear till the weekend as I need to gather every-ones notes together first...

Other than that RPG article, some girls on Wednesday and another of these things on Sunday I don't have a lot planned for next week. I do have a few of the older Malifaux unboxings of metal models that may get published but these are more for an attempt to make the Malifaux unboxings tab a bit more definitive. I am tempted to also bring back the 'Crew a Week Project' but every time I do that fate conspires to throw something in my way...last time it was a car...

...of course a Kickstarter of some description I've forgotten about may arrive and all that will change...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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