Thursday, 19 March 2015

Mantic Games Newsletter

I wish people would stop reminding me of awesome hobby related events in other countries that I'll probably never get to attend, lol.

Adepticon is closing in:

Adepticon begins on the 19th March with Mantic Games providing some serious scenery for the event. Mr Renton will be there with team Mantic USA to take you through all of our products and the guys will even be putting on an awesome Deadzone tournament!
Don't miss out on your oppourtunity to play our games with Ronnie and team Mantic USA as well as take the oppourtunity to fire as many Mantic related questions as you can at the man himself! Find out more about the event here.
Dont forget that the Battlefield Adepticon scenery deals are still available! The Battlefield Adepticon Mega Deal (450+ pcs) and Super Mega Deal (1000+ pcs)are great ways to start or expand your scenery collection and will allow you to create some truly stunning battlfields for mass combat or skirmish games.
With all the excitement around Adepticon Deadzone the podcast have put together a pre Adepticon show for you to listen to.Listen to the Pre Adepticon show here.
Deadzone Infestation Kickstarter:

The Deadzone Infestation Kickstarter is launching on Friday 20th March at 1:30pm GMT.

The Kickstarter will include new hard plastic kits, a new range of battlezone tiles and a fresh revised Ruleset.

The Veer-Myn will be introduced to Deadzone for the first time as the Council are forced to deal with a threat that if not contained and eradicated, could well be the reason for the downfall of the GCPS.
STOP - Hobby Time!
Also in the Mantic Universe...
Part 2 of Ronnie and Luke Talk is here. This time they talk about the DreadBall Xtreme team mechanics and how you go about building your team. Find out more here.
Episode 14 of the Mantic podcast is here! This episode the guys sit down and talk about all the latest news from Mantic HQ, Luke and Jake Thornton sit down and talk about Dungeon Saga and Chris answers some community submitted questions. Listen to the new episode here.
Spydah666 has put together a great video painting guide for our Undead Revenant Cavalry. Go check out the video series and he takes you through painting these great miniatures from start to finish. See the video here.
Curis delves into the illegal sports underground of DreadBall Xtreme with Beasts of War master Warren. Check out the latest installment of DreadBall Academy above, and then follow-up withGame Time: Playing Xtreme (requires a backstage pass). Find out more aboutDreadBall Xtreme here.
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