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Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

One of many stands I'll be visiting on Saturday...

Come One, Come All...
Yup, it's that time of year where most of the UK gaming industry forget about everything in the world except Salute.
Hair is pulled from those heads which actually still have some, teeth are gnashed, wallets are drained and many, many, vans are hired.

Saturday the 25th of April is the big day, pretty much all of you reading this will already know if you're going or not so the important part of this newsletter is about how you get stuff from us when you are there :)

(There'll be an announcement for those of you who aren't able to go later in the week)).

So, infodump ahead!
Where are We?
We are at Stand TN02, which is actually the same place we were lats year but the entrance has apparently moved this year so don't just turn left and expect to see us :)

The incredibly professional map above should see you right. And in case you were thinking about taking your time to get to us, I'd highly suggest reading the rest of this newsltter as to why that might be a bad idea this year ;)
Salute Pre-Orders
You are basically down to your last 24hrs to guarantee that any Salute Pre-Order will be picked, 'especially' if it inculdes resin.

Because of the nature of the week we've added a bunch of resin to the website for people to buy while we're away, as nothing will be shipped while we're gone of course. This means we won't have some of it in stock until we get back.

'So' if you want to pre-order a resin master, or anything resin really, please make sure your order is in by the end of Monday the 20th April!

Metal pre-orders can be made up until the end of Tuesday and then the code will stop working and you'll have to come visit us on the day and forego any freebies for pre-ordering sorry! :)

(If you've already used the code, or something goes wrong with your first attempt at an order then there are backup codes for use - SALUTE2015B and SALUTE2015C )
Pre-Release Resin - Gaia
Gaia is another of our Zombocalypse survivors. Her regular version comes with a sprue of weaponry etc. similar to Oakley.

This is a special one-piece resin version of one particular way of putting her together. She will be released properly in May, we have a few available at Salute as pre-releases.

All Salute pre-relases are first come, first served. See what I mean about dawdling. And there's more to come yet!
Pre-Release Resin Masters
We have a number of just-finished figures for which we will have a teeny handful of resin masters available at the show. And I mean a teeny handful, 5 at most.

They are....
Leonard, a mob bouncer with ambition
Dynamic Deth & Taxxis (This is a modellers kit and requires some skill to put together properly)
Borax, the rift-lost retired dwarf

Rowen, a gun toting assassin

Grond, the naked half-ogre
20 Pre-Release Metals!
Yup, that's a 2 and a zero, 'twenty'. We've had the next 2 months worth of releases moulded and had test spins run and they will be amde available at Salute.

As with the above they are first come, first served and won't be added to the site until their proper release date rolls around. That means some of these won't be available for up to 2 months!

By limited stock we mean we have between 15 and 50 of these depending on how many test spins we had done etc.

So get there fast!

They are...

The Penn State Five (Not available separately until proper release)

The Spies, Jason Shaw, Maya & Jashun Shaw

The Incubi & Semira Marise, the Succubus Witch

The Retro Girls, Nurse Layla, CommO Misha & Ensign Shay

Amalthea the Hedgewitch

Karl Drax and his shadowy variant Rogue Drax

Argia Tholos the White Witch

Salome Kohn, Witch Hunter Extraordinaire

Pre-Release Steampunk Boudi...s
We will have a handful of pre-release green resin Steampunk Boudis available at the show.

These figures are due to be released properly on May 3rd for a reason that will soon become clear. We do however have a handful at the show.

There are three variants...

Steampunk Boudi - The regular artwork version w mini skirt

Steampunk Boudi - Wild West, w long skirt and longer rifle

Steampunk Boudi - Naughty, w no skirt

The regular and Wild West ones will be available in green resin and  further down the line in metal. The 'Naughty' variant will only be available in green resin.
(She's called 'naughty' because she looks naked from the waist down, which immediately changes when you paint her leggings :) )

(With the proper release we will have some better photographs, turns out the light green resin relects too much light. Looks beautiful in person though :) )

Painted example by Matt 'Gi6ers' Lucas

'Please' though...
Go to Diceni!
... , if you are planning to attend this event, buy your Boudi there. The whole reason for this figure's existence is to help promote and fund the existence of the show.

They will have a number of the resins available at their merchandise stand and all prcoeeds go to help fund the continued existence of the event.

We also very much hope they will have the first stocks of the metal versions of Steampunk Boudi and the Wild West variant on hand!

We'd much rather that happen and there be new Boudi variants to make in future years than to sell a few extra of each one ourselves :)
Artemis Black's?
As promised last year, Artemis Black's and Hasslefree have combined this year to form  an all new multi-headed hydra of awesomeness.

For those of you who are just Hasslefre fans, Artemis Black's is a retail store offering various lines from around the world for about the last 12 years or so. We were the first to introduce a great number of lines to the UK but our expansion fell victim to a spinal injury I incurred. But now we are back, no pun intended :D

It will start it's return by taking up a slot on the Hasslefree website (That's it, over on the right) and offering a few well chosen lines to begin with. We will add more every month and feel free to let us know what lines you'd like to see offered. (We'll add a thread on our FB page after Salute for you to do just that).

Even though we will have sample stock of a number of our planned lines available to buy, Salute will see the proper launch of the first 2 of our lines, and they are...
Red Box Games
Tre Manor is simply one of the world's best fantasy sculptors and an old friend now of Hasslefree's and Artemis Black's.

We're proud to exclusively offer the full Red Box line here in the UK.

We have a full rack at the show and will be restocking regularly so the full line will be added to the website by May, for those of you who can't attend.

We'll have full details in a future newsletter but for now feast your eyes on the above and wip away the drool ;)

Painted diorama by Roman 'Jarhead' Lappat - See more HERE
Gamezone Miniatures
Gamezone has been around a few years now and offeres a range of alternative miniatures in a Warhammer meets Conquistador style.

We'll have a solid stock of them, including their resin/plastic range of incredibly affordable infantry minis, at the show and again will be adding them to the site through May.

Ranges include Imperials, Feudal Knights, Dwarves, Dark Elves, High Elves, Orcs & Goblins, Chaos, Vampires, Undead & Sylvan Elves.

Painted Dark Elf on Cold one by Iguazzu
Coat D'Arms Paints
We will be carrying the full range of CDA paints at the show, including a special show only deal of any 6 for £10.

You can read all about them HERE.
Welsh Jerky, Yes Really
We will have with us a wide selection of Welsh-made Beef (and other meats) Jerky.

If you attend re-enactments or similar style shows you may have already seen these snack packs on sale by the makers themselves (Sold by a guy in brightly coloured mohawk and kilt usually :) ). Well we've decided to bring them to the table-top world. An excellent snack to keep your juices flowing during a long game.

We will also be adding these snack packs to the website after Salute :D
And Finally
My head is totally fried at this stage of the day so I have no idea if I've remembered everything above. The only way to tell will be to come see us on the day :)

To everyone not going to Salute who read all the way through until here, well done! There 'will' be an update for you guys on Wednesday. And of course all of the above stuff will be making it's way to the site soon enough.

Like our FB page, Like Kev's FB page, Save Water, Adopt a Pug, I'm really tired.
'til next time!

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