Wednesday, 1 April 2015

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Even more Deadzone news...

Mission Clock: T Minus 7 Days!

On the ground the remaining Enforcers were left in arctic conditions with limited supplies and no chance of immediate support. Their mission, however, remains. If the Veer-myn were able to take the remaining spaceport and reach Priory Station they could spread their bleeding sickness throughout Second Sphere space, infecting billions. The Enforcers must eliminate the Veer-myn threat before they can reach the station and be lost among the stars of the GCPS...
There are just seven days of the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter remaining!

This Kickstarter campaign is all about making a great game even better: whether that’s with a cleaned-up version of the rules, a new campaign pack, new Veer-myn faction, new scenery or additions to the existing ranges.

And we’re offering a fantastic, great value for money deal to help you get on-board with this science fiction skirmish game.
So, what makes Quarantine special?
A Great Deal! Quarantine is our sweet spot pledge level, containing free goodies and bonus extras individuallyworth $200 at discounted Kickstarter prices.
Get started with Deadzone! Play a fast, fun skirmish game with a deep, compelling campaign system where your elite soldiers grow in experience and strength the more games you play. Get your collection started with two factions and all of the scenery, cards, counters and rules you need to play!
The Ultimate Expansion Pack! If you already have the game, Quarantine is the great-value-for-money way of getting the new faction, miniatures and rules, with some juicy exclusives including Blaine on Jetbike and The Piper – a named Veer-myn special character!
Don’t miss out on the Quarantine deal - please support the Kickstarter before midnight GMT Monday 6th April!
Become part of the Warpath Universe. When we hit 2,100 backers on the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter, we're putting together a new Deadzone Short Story Compilation, and giving away free digital copies! Find out more!
Outbreak on Exham IV - Discover the story on the Mantic Blog.
Build Better Battlefields - you can get all of the Industrial-themed Battlezone terrain without any of the rules or miniatures. This level is packed full of exciting accessories like the pipe network, conveyor belt, wall tiles, fuel tanks and more, and is fully compatible with the innovative plastic modular Battlezones range. Get your scenery deal here.
Who are the Veer-myn Night-Crawlers? Find out more.
A new enemy approaches...
Containment Protocol - the Original Deadzone Starter Set plus the Nexus Psi, Deadzone: Incursion and Deadzone: Contagion expansions.

This great value-for-money set will come in the pledge manager with the option of early shipping, so you can get playing and painting whilst you wait for your Infestation pledgeto arrive!
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