Sunday, 5 April 2015

Sunday Round-up

Not a terribly productive week but I've had worse.

Unfortunately my eye is still causing me trouble after the accident and so painting is an issue but fortunately I had a Kickstarter to look at and my photography skills are still my opinion at least, lol.

On the subject of Kickstarters I finally got around to having a proper look at one of my recent Kickstarter acquisitions 'Aetherium', the two-part review of which can be found under Anvil Eight Games in the 'Other Unboxings' tab at the top of the blog or by clicking here.

There's also been significant newsletter activity but I'm afraid you'll have to find those in the 'Blog Archive' sidebar as I've yet again got a couple of weeks behind with the Newsletter archive page.

As for next week...

Well I have a couple of Bushido crews that I've been asked to do features on and I really want to do a proper game-play review of the aforementioned Aetherium game and of the two things it's far more likely that Aetherium will win out though I suppose it's possible I'll do both. I also have a quantity of Malifaux unboxing features on some older metal models that I'll probably spread over a day next week just to make the Malifaux unboxing page one step closer to being complete. True completion may now be an impossible task as it would involve buying some things that I already own from my early days at the Malifaux game back before I took photos of everything...but I suppose it's still a possibility...

I also need to sort out some of the bits and pieces relating to our current Privateer Press Iron Kingdoms RPG session but that's probably only of interest to me and the five other people involved. However should I be incorrect with that assumption then the RPG section of the blog can be found here.

Unfortunately finances are always an issue and there's only so much I can cover without a lottery win, mysterious benefactor or some other miracle occurring, lol.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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