Monday, 6 April 2015

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Not long left to go on the Mantic Games 'Deadzone:Infestation' Kickstarter...


This will be our last Kickstarter for some time, but we just wanted to let you know that there are just 12 hours to get in on Deadzone: Infestation and grab yourself an incredible deal.

In the early hours of this morning we funded the new hard plastic Steel Warriors, and added them free to our Quarantine and Lock Down pledge levels, making these some of the best value pledges we've ever done.
Forge Father Steel Warriors fight against the Veer-myn on Exham IV
We really hope that you’ll join us for this journey, pick up one of our incredible deals, and help us make a great game even better. Remember, there are just 12 hours remaining to pledge your support on the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter - it finishes at midnight BST Monday 6th April.

Many thanks for reading!

Getting involved is easy with our simple pledge levels:
Lock Down is our hard core pledge, and there is so much stuff in it, the pledge level graphic is too big to include in this newsletter! You can see exactly what is in it here. This pledge now includes an exceptional $115 worth of freebies at discounted Kickstarter prices - and rising as more stuff gets added!
Outbreak – perfect if you want to upgrade your Deadzone Rulebook to the updated Hardback edition, and get all of the great digital content.
Quarantine – our $115 sweet spot level contains everything you need to play. If you already have an existing collection, it is a great expansion pack and comes with a free choice of Faction Booster!
A La Carte – you can build your own pledge level using our $1 level, and pledge just for the Add-ons.

If you want a deal on the Deadzone Faction Starters, the incredible Containment Protocol special offer, or maybe just some of the new miniatures like the Enforcer Jetbikes or the Plague Aberration, our $1 level gives you full access to pick and choose what you want.
Scenery-Only Pledge Level – you can pick up a huge bundle of the new Industrial Battlezones terrain, jam-packed with cool accessories like the pipe network, conveyor belt, and fuel tanks. It also comes with extra ruins for more scatter terrain, and is perfect for adding buildings to a 6’x4’ gaming table or densely covering a 2’x2’ board.
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