Saturday, 25 April 2015

Salute 2015

So me, my far better half and two of my friends namely Mike and Martin (of Titan Games) made the journey to Salute 2015 at the ExCel venue in London organised by the South London Warlords war-gaming club.

This annual event attracts companies from all over the world and has grown from strength to strength. Here's some pictures from the event...

Editors Note - This feature is by it's nature VERY picture have been warned, lol.

Demo Tables
Lots of games been shown off from a wide variety of systems both new and established. One of these games was especially of interest to me (Infernal from Wartorn Games) so it gets it's own mention in a bit more detail later on in the article...

Hawk Wargames
This amazing display piece was in front of the Hawk Wargames stand...

Forge World Stand
You might think this is a picture of a random chunk of's actually the queue for the Forge World stand...

Infamy Miniatures
This incredible model range was created as part of a Kickstarter to expand their existing model range. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of mine...

Knight Models
This gorgeous and characterful building looks amazing and hopefully is available to purchase from somewhere...if not now then soon...

Painting Competition
There were many beautifully painted models entered into the painting events at Salute. Unfortunately it's a bit tricky to take pictures through glass cabinets with lights reflecting off them so some of my pictures weren't usable and that's a shame as it means I've missed out on pictures of some really nice models. Here are the usable ones...

Prodos Games - Aliens Vs. Predator
Prodos were doing demo's of their long awaited AvP Kickstarter game. Hopefully we'll all get our sticky hands on the actual game sometime soon. The game did play amazingly well though and every-one shown it seemed to be enjoying it greatly...

Wartorn Games - Infernal
I'd had no knowledge of this game before the show which is one of the reasons I love events such as this. The models were very characterful and the skirmish game itself had several interesting mechanics such as the model becoming slower and having less actions as it becomes closer to death and the demonic creatures evolving into a bigger form when they destroy an enemy. The Kickstarter will be launched on the 29th May and I for one will be backing it straight away. More information will undoubtedly appear on their Facebook page...

Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish Game
Another game I got involved in as a Kickstarter. The core game has been around for a while but the Kickstarters intention was to expand the range considerably with two new factions...the original ones are quite cool as well...

Obviously I've barely scratched the surface of what was going on at the event today but hopefully these few examples have given you an insight into what a great day it was.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome


  1. Great pics. I wasn't able to get through the crowds to see the painting competition, so thanks for the pics!

    1. I missed quite a few due to the crowds around the cabinet it was difficult to get decent pics. A lot I couldn't use due to reflections on the glass unfortunately.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the ones I managed to get though.

  2. Nice pictures. I didn't bother with the camera 'cause I was on crutches for the whole bloody day, so I'm glad someone took snaps. Didn't know you were going either, I'd have gone to look for you if I had...

    1. You were one of many people I was looking for and failed to find, lol.

  3. Nice pics glad you went into detail on the Wartorn table. Saw some pics in another blog post and wondered what it was as it looked suitable apocalyptic. I shall certainly be reading more on it thanks for the links.

    1. You're welcome.

      The game looks very interesting and I'll definitely be giving it some attention on the blog as soon as the Kickstarter is launched.

  4. Thanks Gareth, good coverage as ever and nice phots.

    1. I still ended up missing quite a lot though. Next year I'll write a list, lol.


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