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Just a few days left on the new Deadzone Kickstarter...


16 days ago we launched the Infestation Kickstarter. Much like in Deadzone, we set out on a mission with clear objectives: create a new faction, add innovative modular scenery, update the rulebook and produce exciting miniatures for existing factions. Thanks to the support of over 2180 people, we've achieved all of this, but the mission isn't over yet...
Forge Father Steel Warriors fight against the Veer-myn on Exham IV
There are only 60 hours remaining on the campaign, and over this final weekend we’re hoping to fund at least one more new Hard Plastic sprue for the Deadzone range - Forge Father fans, there's a new Steel Warrior kit on the way - and not a loin cloth in sight ;)
To get these funded, we need your help!

To celebrate the Easter Weekend, we’ve put together an incredible value-for-money pledge level that gets you all of the exciting new miniatures and great innovative scenery.

It’s called Lock Down and it is $215. And there is so much stuff in it, the pledge level graphic is too big to include in this newsletter! However you can see exactly what is in it here. This pledge gives you an exceptional $80 worth of freebies at discounted Kickstarter prices - and rising as more stuff gets added!
Plague Beast Aberration
In this pledge you get all of the new rules, miniatures, great Kickstarter exclusives and everything you need to play. Lock Down contains all of the Faction Boosters we’ve funded on this Kickstarter, including the new Plague Aberration and Asterian Kalyshi.

There’s also an entire battlefield in a box. The pledge contains a durable red planet 2'x2' Deluxe Gaming Mat to play on, which has a non-slip rubber backing and is both crease and tear resistant, and a total of two Battlezones Industrial Districts, giving you double the amount of terrain to build a densely covered Industrial complex rammed full of pipes and cool accessories.
Battlezones is the innovative range of plastic modular science fiction scenery. Using a simple clip-together connector system, you can build entire battlefields without the need for glue. The new industrial themed scenery has been funded on the Infestation Kickstarter, and is included in the new Lock Down pledge.
This extraordinary deal is not limited in number, and anyone can pick it up if they want one. Shipping costs for this package are also exactly the same as they are for Quarantine.

Remember, there are now less than three days remaining, so be quick if you want one - please support the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter here :D

There are plenty of other ways to get involved with the Kickstarter, and we’ve made sure that we've got a pledge level to cater for every budget, including:
Outbreak – perfect if you want to upgrade your Deadzone Rulebook to the updated Hardback edition, and get all of the great digital content.
Quarantine – our $115 sweet spot level contains everything you need to play. If you already have an existing collection, it is a great expansion pack and comes with a free choice of Faction Booster!
A La Carte – you can build your own pledge level using our $1 level, and pledge just for the Add-ons.

If you want a deal on the Deadzone Faction Starters, the incredible Containment Protocol special offer, or maybe just some of the new miniatures like the Enforcer Jetbikes or the Plague Aberration, our $1 level gives you full access to pick and choose what you want.
Scenery-Only Pledge Level – you can pick up a huge bundle of the new Industrial Battlezones terrain, jam-packed with cool accessories like the pipe network, conveyor belt, and fuel tanks. It also comes with extra ruins for more scatter terrain, and is perfect for adding buildings to a 6’x4’ gaming table or densely covering a 2’x2’ board.
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