Saturday, 1 April 2017

Hawk Wargames Newsletter

A slightly late March newsletter from Hawk Wargames...

Newsletter #45 - 31/03/2017
Welcome to the March Hawk Wargames Newsletter - we have a few key things to share with you that are coming up too!
1) The Hawk Wargames site
As many of you saw from our previous update, we have relaunched the site, and are generally really happy with the look and usability of it. But we are always open to hear what you think, and what you would like to see - email us or contact us through our social media accounts with any comments or suggestions you have to make it better for you. 
Over the last few weeks we have had a very high amount of orders, so if you are currently waiting on yours, it is currently being processed, and will be with you soon. 
2) Direct Only Sculpt
The Saratoga will continue to be available to order on the site until Friday 21st of April. The Direct only sculpt will then be available at a few select shows after this date. The highly detailed resin UCM Saratoga class Light Cruiser is an alternate sculpt for the popular New Cairo class Light Cruiser.
3) Last day of the Re-Launch Show Only Sale
We have a range of show only models which are available from our site until the end of 31st March. These include: 
  • The Aegaeon - Show only Model 16/17 (Neptune Varient)
  • The Double Decker Battle Bus - Show only Model 15/16
  • Shackleton Escape Pod - Show only Model 14/15
  • Civilian Car and Truck pack
  • Civilian Bus and Lorry pack
4) Video Series
Our video series has got to the 14th video so far... If you missed this series, you can click the link below and follow the story from the start in short 5-15 minute videos on the making of the Avenger. Leave comments, and let us know what you think!
5) Some Upcoming Events
We have a great few events recently at Hammerhead and AdeptiCon, and are looking forward to a range of upcoming events over the next few months where it would be great to see as many of you as we can:
- Salute 2017 (London, UK) - 22nd April - & Demo Tables
- Carronade (Falkirk, UK) - 13th May - & Demo Tables
- UK Games (Birmingham, UK) - 2nd-4th June - & Tournament, Demos
- Origins Game Fair, (Columbus, Ohio) - 14th-18th June - & Demos
But, there are a lot of other events going on too, so to make this a lot easier to keep track of all the events and tournaments worldwide for Dropzone Commander, we have put together a detailed calendar on our site, that gives details of all the events.
If you have any events that you are attending or running for Dropzone Commander or Dropfleet Commander that are not on there, email us, and we will add them!
We look forward to continue to impove our communication and information for players around the world.
We hope you all enjoy the new website and that you're enjoying the games!
Kind regards
- The Hawk Wargames Team

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