Saturday, 1 April 2017

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A weekend only offer from Spartan Games...

Spend £50 - choose a FREE rulebook or two
Spend £50 in our online store this weekend and you can add a rulebook or two to your shopping cart COMPLETELY FREE
Use your free rulebook(s) to ...........
  • Try a new game
  • Keep one copy in pristine condition
  • Have the convenience of one in your bag and one on your shelf
  • Give to a friend to see if they want to try a new game
  • Have one just 'cos you want one
Just add the code below to your order at checkout and your rulebook(s) will be added to your order.  You can add one code per £50 spent, so spend £100 and you can add two codes, £150 let's you add three, etc.  Some codes give you one book, some give you two.

And the best news?  The weekend starts NOW!
Codes are valid from now until Monday 3rd April.

Dystopian Wars Core Rulebook & Fleet Action Rulebook
The exciting world of Dystopian Wars brings the thrilling genre of Victorian Super Science Fiction to life on your tabletop. Imagine a world where science and technology has developed in a time-stream vastly different to our own. With our free book deal you get the complete 2.0 rulebook, which delivers a full-on gaming experience embracing the air, land and sea theatres of warfare which can be played simultaneously.  And for a fast play game engine, you get the cool Fleet Action rules.  Designed to be played with the same highly detailed 1/1200th scale Spartan miniatures these two rulesets cover all bases for a gamer from rapid entry play to full-on gritty military action! Combined RRP £27.50
Enter Code: FREE-DWRB
Click Here for more information about the Dystopian Wars 2.0 Core Rulebook
Click Here for more information about the Fleet Action Rulebook
Dystopian Wars Campaign Books
Storm Of Steel & Operation Sirocco (both Hardback)
Whether you are an existing Dystopian Wars player or new to this amazing world, these campaign books are an exciting way to explore our narrative. Together they bring you hundreds of pages of background, images and maps and detail the military actions of several core nations including the Kingdom of Britannia, Russian Coalition, Prussian Empire, Republique of France, Ottoman Empire, Covenant of Antarctica and Federated States of America. Combined RRP £47.50
Enter Code: FREE-DWRB-CB
Click Here for more information about the Storm Of Steel Campaign Book
Click Here for more information about the Operation Sirocco Campaign Book
Note that the rules and statistics within the books were developed for version 1.0 of the rules and have been subsequently replaced by PDF downloads.
Halo: Fleet Battles Core Rulebook
Imagine leading a fleet of UNSC vessels powering through space, or commanding a Covenant armada on its next conquest. Halo: Fleet Battles puts you in control of these naval forces from the Halo universe. From devastating MAC cannons to powerful plasma cannons, you have a variety of weapons at your disposal to attack your opponent and outwit their strategy using a stunning array of 1/20,000th highly accurate Halo models. Grab your FREE rulebook now and see what all the excitement is about. RRP £14.00
Enter Code: FREE-HFRB
Halo: Ground Command Core Rulebook
Have you ever imagined controlling the armies from the Halo universe, where you lead the military might of the UNSC or further the cause of the Covenant and their expansionist Prophets? Well, Halo: Ground Command lets you do just that, using a range of wonderfully sculpted and authentically designed 1/100th scale miniatures, you too can recreate the iconic scenes from the Halo universe or generate your own exciting scenarios. Grab your FREE rulebook now and see what all the excitement is about. RRP £14.00
Enter Code: FREE-HGRB  
Firestorm Armada 2.0 & Planetfall
Core Rulebooks
Welcome to the Firestorm Galaxy!
Our awesome book deal brings you an industry leading starship combat game (Firestorm Armada) and a fast-paced, deadly ground armoured combat (Planetfall). We have an array of races and models to support both rulesets. Check out our 1/10,000th scale spaceships and fabulous 10mm true-scale ground vehicles and infantry and take a plunge into an exciting Galaxy of gaming! Combined RRP £30.00
Enter Code: FREE-FARB

Click Here for more information about the Firestorm Armada Core Rulebook
Click Here for more information about the Planetfall Core Rulebook
Firestorm Armada Fleet Guides
Zenian League (Hardback) AND
Kurak Alliance Fleet Guide (Hardback)
Grab our two amazing hardback Alliance Books and swot up on the fabulous races and spaceships that inhabit Spartan Games' vision of a sci-fi future! Muster your starships for battle Fleet Commanders - the great alliances summon you to war! Combined RRP £45.00
Enter Code: FREE-FARB-FG
Click Here for more information about the Zenian League Fleet Guide
Click Here for more information about the Kurak Alliance Fleet Guide
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