Saturday, 1 April 2017

Steamforged Games Newsletter Update

A brief update from the previous Steamforged newsletter...

Hey Coach, 

Quick update. Our last newsletter listed the wrong dates for Salute and Wargames Con. The correct dates are listed below.
Salute 2017
Steamforged Games is coming to Salute. Come by our booth (TD13) to preview Dark Souls: The Board Game in person, buy new Guild Ball releases, and hunt down something special.
Learn More
Wargames Con 2017
We've had an update to one of our Regional Championship locations. Our third Regional Championship will be at Wargames Con Aug 18-20.

Below you can find information on the event and the updated dates for the Regional Qualifiers that feed into the event. *These Regional Qualifier dates are subject to change, as we await confirmation.
Been to our events page yet? (Rumor has it that rejected Guild Ball Mascots tinkered for hours on that page and get fed based on clicks and web page views.) For more detailed updates made without mascot labor, be sure to check the official SFG Blog where you'll find announcements, upcoming release information, posts on Guild Ball's Regional Qualifiers and more!

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