Saturday, 1 April 2017

The Drowned Earth Newsletter

The Drowned Earth Kickstarter coming soon...

Just two weeks to go till Kickstarter!

It's been a fantastic month- the game has really been getting a lot of attention, and we're picking up steam! The date is April 16th, but don't worry, I'll remind you, and share firmer details when I have them. 
Before I tell you what we've done and what's coming, I'd just like to say thank you for your interest in my project- it's been a long road, and your support really means a lot to me and keeps me going.

At this stage, I'm going to ask you for a favour- please forward this message to the person in your email contacts list you think will be most interested in TDE, and tell them why you think they'll like it. It's just a little thing, but I know how much these things can help- there's nothing like a personal recommendation, and who knows, you might just've got yourself a regular gaming partner!

And as a special thank you to all of you who do this, lets have a look at a render that nobody else has seen. Limossk, leader of the Bondsmen faction! 
ALL the videos!
What do we have here? An interview with Beasts of War, that's what!

If you're not interested in the whole thing you can skip forward to 57:35 to hear the TDE content!
Here we have something rather fun- a teaser trailer of the game!

I recently shot the Kickstarter campaign video, and have been teaching myself to edit video. Here's the result! 
I'll be keeping the social media bell ringing over the next few weeks. Here are some things you can expect: 
  1. Fluff Tweets. 
  2. Concept art of the last 2 factions going up on Facebook. 
  3. Studio paint jobs will be shared (oh my... they're beautiful)
  4. A competition! No more details at the moment, but I'll send out another mail when it goes live, so you don't miss out. 

I've billed this as a monthly newsletter, and I do plan on keeping it that way, but of course for the Kickstarter campaign I will be sharing a little more often than that. After the campaign we will definitely be back to normal though!

Thanks again guys- at this late stage in the game I'd really appreciate any social media sharing to your personal page or hobby pages you're a member of- lets get the word out and make this huge! :D
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