Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Wild West Exodus - Two Player Starter Set - Part Two - Outlaws

We covered the necessary templates, tools and other related bits and pieces from the starter set in this introductory article HERE.

Now we'll look at the models from the starter set that make up the Outlaw faction.

Desperate men, who have turned their backs on the very concept of decency and honour, live as wanted criminals.  These degenerates of society struggle for a moment in the spotlight, caring only for the recognition of infamy.  Their egos drive body counts higher and higher with each town they pass through. With the clandestine assistance of renegade scientists these men will stop at nothing to be the strongest, fastest, most frightening spectres in the Wild West. From bio-mechanical implants to stolen experimental weaponry, only death may stop their headlong quest for fame and wealth. Powerful weapons and a reckless way of life have made the Outlaws a force to be reckoned with.

The Outlaw part of the starter set consists of one Boss (Jesse James), one Underboss (Frank James), Ten Bandit Hired Hands (Five are Long Range, Five are Close Combat). One Heavy Weapon Outlaw Bandit (a Light Support Sniper) and an Outlaw Iron Horse (Light Support).

The majority of the humanoid models consist of six or seven parts and have decent attachment points and I encountered no alignment issues where weapon arms have hands attached which is a common issue amongst many models...but not these fortunately. There are no duplicate models on the sprues so each model is individual in appearance. The Iron Horse may have benefited from some instructions but now I've done multi-angle pictures of it for you there's no need, lol.

Jesse James - Boss
Everyone in the West has heard of the James Gang, and they all knows to keep their heads down and steer clear when their iron horses roar into town.  Armed with his twin hyper-velocity pistols, Jesse "Fastest draw in the west" James is a formidable opponent either at range, or up close.

Frank James - Underboss

Bandits - Hired Hands

Bandits (Long Range)

Bandits (Close Combat)

Heavy Weapon Bandit - Light Support

Iron Horse - Light Support

In Part three we'll be looking at the Lawmen...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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