Saturday, 10 June 2017

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Welcome to this week's Mantic Games newsletter. Here you'll find all the latest information on new releases, news and special offers!
Before we get this show on the road, an important announcement.
We have restocked the Walking Dead Equipment Booster, both with retailers and on our webstore. However, based on experience, these will be in very high demand and so stock may not last long. So, if you want to pick one up, do so now before they run out!
Out this week and invading a planet close to yours, the Warpath Mega Forces are now fully deployed! We're really excited about these as not only are they great deals - full of enough infantry, veterans, and armour to take on any foe - but they also have the first retail wave of our Hard Plastic Vehicles.
The Enforcer Mega Force includes a versatile vehicle kit which can either be assembled as an Accuser Interceptor, with Heavy Burst Laser and a troop compartment, or a Persecutor Bomber. The Interceptor can be used to increase the Enforcers already considerable speed, redeploying units swiftly, whilst suppressing the enemy with strafing runs.

The Persecutor Bomber, on the other hand, is the last word in overwhelming firepower. Capable of destroying anything from dug-in infantry to armoured vehicles, your opponents will learn to fear this deadly aircraft.
The Forge Father Mega Force brings heavy armour to the field. The Forge Father Tank has components to build one of four different variants - the Drakkar APC, Brandr Assault Vehicle, and Sturnhammer with either a Heavy Magma Cannon or a Heavy Hailstorm Cannon.

All of these have heavy armour, which your opponent will struggle to penetrate without dedicated weaponry. The APC can be used to transport your infantry in relative safety, allowing your Forge Fathers to be uncharacteristically quick on the tabletop. Meanwhile, the battle tanks are capable of unleashing devastating amounts of firepower, specailised for either anti-infantry or anti-vehicle operations.
You can pick up either of these sets right now, either from the webstore or your local hobby retailers. If you want to try playing Warpath, why not check out our free rules, or get the Rulebook Collection?
The Walking Dead: All Out War Wave 2 is now available through local retailers or our webstore. Covering events such as the group meeting Tyreese, finding the farm, and discovering what lies inside the barn, this wave expands The Walking Dead: All Out War with new characters, scenarios, and rules which you can use in any of your games. Don't miss out!
Beasts of War got a look at some of the new resin hero miniatures for the Kings of War Summer Campaign.  We'll have more information on these next week, so head over there and see the new models for yourself and start planning your forces for the Campaign!
We'll be attending the Broadside Games Show this Sunday! Pop along to the stand for The Walking Dead: All Out War and pick up the show exclusive Walking Dead booster: Lee and Clementine. See you there!
Although you won't be able to field a Forge Father Sturnhammer, there's still time to enter our Deadzone Tournament. Running on the 22nd of June, tickets are available from our webstore and  have almost sold out, so if you want to play, you should get your ticket now!
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