Friday, 2 June 2017

Unboxing Wild West Exodus - Countess Augusta Byron

I've recently been drawn into the world of Wild West Exodus and to the surprise of no-one at all I've ended up going with 'The Enlightened' as my chosen faction. As is to be expected I'll be doing unboxing style reviews of the models I purchase...

I've been purchasing mine through my local game store Titan Games though they can also be obtained direct from the Wild West Exodus website.

First a brief bit of background about my chosen faction,,
The Enlightened
The greatest scientific minds of a generation have been twisted and corrupted by the whispered words of a dark and mysterious force. Once, in another reality, soaring towers of graceful steel would have risen up into the sky built by these men. But now brutal machines of destruction, powered by the very essence of evil, seek to crush the ignorant beneath their iron weight. Medicine that could have saved countless lives now drags the helpless dead back into the land of the living. Mindless automatons moving solely at the direction of these crazed geniuses. Men so convinced of the purity of their own motives and ideals that nothing can be allowed to question them. Once heralded as the saviours of mankind, they now stand to provide the tools and weapons set on destroying all living things on earth.

Countess Augusta Byron
The Enlightened's doyen of galvanism, the domineering Countess Augusta Byron is an imposing woman in both stature and intellect. Being the bearer of a sophisticated intelligence and practically immortal is a potent combination and her flesh bears the marks of decades of amputation and augmentation as she replaces ageing or aesthetically displeasing body parts.

Rumours abound of a refrigerated vault at her estate. This frozen apartment is said to contain refrigerated chunks of compatible cadavers as well as glass fronted refrigeration units that contain velvet coated mannequins draped with the flayed skin of young women. One apocryphal tale speaks of the Countess admiring the beauty of a particularly porcelain featured maid in her service. The poor servant was never heard of again and the Countess was soon seen to be basking in the compliments paid to her own newly refined features garnered at the subsequent Enlightened symposium.

The secret to the Countess' long life is her repeated reanimation through the application of a proprietorial combination of conductive material implanted throughout her body. This along with an alchemical cocktail coursing through her bloodstream and the prodigious application of lightning harnessed for just such a morbid purpose maintains her stolen youth. Should the need arise the Countess can draw on the voltaic charge within her internal capacitors and hurl lightning bolts at her would be attackers, however she is more likely to have them dismembered by one of her ghoulish creations with the contemptuous raising of an eyebrow and a sneer.

Countess Augusta Byron - Blister and Insert
The single models come in a standard blister together with the appropriately sized base.
This particular model is on a 30mm(ish) base. Wild West Exodus use their own style of base that varies somewhat from the standard 'round-lipped' bases that you may be used to.

Countess Augusta Byron - Unassembled
Here are the parts (this particular model is resin) in their unassembled form. Be careful when removing the unwanted resin from these parts as it's quite easy to lose neck/collar detail if you cut too close.

Countess Augusta Byron - Stat Card
At the time of writing this the game is undergoing beta-testing for a new version of the rules so some of the characters stats are currently quite's the current version of her stat card.

Countess Augusta Byron - Assembled
As a two part model this one is very easy to assemble as long as you've been careful when removing the unwanted lumps of resin. After clean-up it's just a case of gluing the head onto the body.

Countess Augusta Byron - Painted
Here's a painted version from the Wild West Exodus website.

Countess Augusta Byron - Rotational View
Here's a rotational view...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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  1. I picked up the rules at Salute for free. If I'll ever start with it the Enlightened will probably be the faction I start with too.
    The thing which holds me back right now is the fact every faction has something I like and a few things I don't like. It's also a game which I heard is going to change a lot with 2nd edition, some even call it and entirely different game. This too makes me uncertain whether to pick it up or not.
    Nice basing on the miniature by the way.


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