Friday, 9 June 2017

Unboxing SLA - Halloween Jack

At a recent show I was introduced to the SLA Industries miniatures game based on the RPG of the same name...

First some background...
Set in a dark futuristic urban environment, SLA gives you unlimited possibilities to explore in a world where one company controls everything, the masses worship television shows that feature serial killers versus company sponsored agents, and you are thrust in the middle of it all.

You can choose to ally yourself with SLA or with one of the many underground competitors. But that's not all. If combat is not your thing, SLA Industries gives you many other avenues to explore this dark world where SLA tells you only what you need to know and hides its secrets jealously. How much can you find out? How much are you willing to pay?

Long live SLA. You, however, may not live long at all.

Their official webstore is HERE should you be intrigued.

Halloween Jack
In 1993, Nightfall Games released SLA Industries, featuring the pumpkin-headed serial killer Hallowe'en Jack. The Chainaxe-weiding killer proved to be popular with the citizens of the World of Progress and gamers the world over. 23 years later, Jack is back.

Halloween Jack - Blister and Insert
The models come in a standard blister pack. This is for the new resin version...the older metal version I picked up separately so was just in a bag...which I'm not going to post a picture of...

Halloween Jack - Unassembled
Both the current version and the original metal one come with a choice of two heads. Here's a look at both sides of both versions...

Halloween Jack (Resin) - Assembled
A very simple model to assemble as you're simply picking a head and gluing it in place. Additionally the model required next to no clean-up.

Halloween Jack (Metal) - Assembled
This model requires slightly more assembly work as the Chain-Axe is also separate as well as the choice of heads. The handle required a slight bit of bending in order to get the hands to align correctly.

Halloween Jack(s) - Group Picture
Here's a comparison picture between the two versions.

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