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Some HeroClix and event news from Wizkids...

Greetings WizKids Fans,
EVENT UPDATE! WizKids 2017 World Championships
This year, WizKids came to Origins Game Fair in a big way by hosting the WizKids 2017 U.S. National and World Championships!

Congratulations to all the new champions and a huge thank you to all our players and volunteers for your continued support from around the world!
Victor Maya - 2017 Dice Masters World Champion

Congratulations to the 2017 Dice Masters World Champion, Victor Maya, pictured here with game designer, Mike Elliott.

Howard Brock - 2017 HeroClix World Champion
Lucky Dice - 2017 HeroClix World Champion Team 

Congratulations to Howard Brock, the 2017 HeroClix World Champion, along with the 2017 HeroClix World Champion Team, Lucky Dice (Howard Brock, Easton Brock, Warren Ginn).

Jordan Kott - 2017 Star Trek: Attack Wing World Champion

Congratulations to Jordan Kott, the 2017 Star Trek: Attack Wing World Champion, Pictured here with 2016 Star Trek: Attack Wing World Champion, Peter Smith, and judges, Ben Cheung and Rich Kopacz.

2017 WizKids Squad Goals

And a special thank you to all of the 2017 WizKids Volunteers that made these events possible!

Did you miss the fun? Go to the official WizKids Twitch page to watch how the WizKids 2017 U.S. National and World Championships played out! 
COMING SOON! DC Comics HeroClix: 15th Anniversary - Elseworlds
With the 15th Anniversary of HeroClix, WizKids is excited to reveal DC heroes in DC Comics HeroClix: 15th Anniversary Elseworlds, coming soon!

Today, we visit an alternate reality featured in DC Comics HeroClix: 15th Anniversary Elseworlds where DC’s Trinity appears quite different from what we’re used to in a world where the cast of Planetary have villainous intentions.
This version of Diana Prince looks a lot different from Wonder Woman in both costume and dial design, but she still packs quite the Amazonian punch for just 40 points. She has the expected keywords of Amazon and Justice League, but she also has Detective and Scientist on this unfamiliar world. Diana Prince’s trait, Investigating Planetary, prevents opposing characters within 4 squares from using Outwit or Perplex as she explores the world of her foes. Plus, she can do a bit of sneaking around with Stealth to help prevent your opponents’ tricks.
AVAILABLE NOW! Best Equip Your Robot to Become the Victor in DiceBot MegaFun
WizKids is excited to announce the release of the card and dice game designed by Jeremy Kalgreen and Chris Volpe, DiceBot MegaFun, available now at your FLGS. 
In DiceBot MegaFun, robots fight for the glory of their human owners. Equip your bot with the parts to power lasers, bombs, drills, and more, as you do battle in rounds of simultaneous free-for-all-combat.

Designed for 2-4 players, this dice-grabbing, weapon-slinging, game of battling robots ends when one player’s robot is the first to receive 3 Victory Medals.
CELEBRATE! HeroClix 15th Anniversary
Thank you for an amazing 15 years of HeroClix! Our players make it possible for us to continue to deliver the game that we all know and love. Join us in celebrating this amazing anniversary both at home and at your Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS).

Check our HeroClix 15th Anniversary page regularly for chances to win amazing prizes in our HeroClix 15th Anniversary contests and watch videos provided by our partners, Hyper RPG and fellow HeroClix player, Scott Porter!
Also, check out the latest episode of Indomitable with our friends at Hyper RPG and be sure to tune in Monday at 9PM PT for our special 8 episode 15th Anniversary series!

Don't forget to tag us in all your HeroClix posts and use the hashtag, #WeAreHeroClix to join in on the fun!
Grab your cell phone camera, fancy digital camera, camcorders, we don’t care what camera you use, but we want to see you! In 1-3 minutes, please share your best HeroClix memory and favorite figure with us! Post it to YouTube, enter it here and also, don’t forget to share it on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag, #WEAREHEROCLIX!

Help your Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) win too! In your video, tell us your favorite FLGS that you play HeroClix at – be sure to mention the name of the store, city and state it’s located in! We’ll then randomly select stores to win prizes as well!

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-The WizKids Team
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