Saturday, 24 June 2017

Warlord Games - Newsletter

Warlord Games end of week feature and release round-up...

Chryseis Shard!

In this new campaign, there are six narrative style scenarios leading to the discovery of the artificial intelligence core called the Locus. The fate of the course of Antarean space is for you to resolve….
The Algoryn are going in full force with the new Hazard squad, being led by the Hazard Command squad and the Special Division Commander Ess Ma Rahq!
Strike hard and fast with a full Vector force of new Hazard troops!

Supreme Rock Father!

Roam the depths of the Chryseis III mines with venerable Rock Father Tas Geren'do, and accompany him with the new Rover Drone Surveyor...

Ello Ello who do we ave ere then!

We're a stubborn lot us British and these characterful figures epitomise our will to fight on and defend our sovereignty!
Masquerading as a friendly local you'd never guess these characters are the enemy in disguise...or would you?
A Who's Who Guide »
Operation Gigant is phase two of the theoretical German plan to invade Britain! Gather your local sports teams, Cadets, Scouts, univeristy and college students, take up arms and protect your local villiages as the Axis invade the Midlands!

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Upgrade your Antares Battlefield!

Hazard Strike Capsules descend from the sky as the Freeborn trading post comes under fire!

Upcoming Events

Come on down for a full-on day of Antares on Saturday 1st of July. We have plenty of room - join battles, seminars, displays and more!
Strap on your Weird WWII boots and head down Saturday 12th of August. Discover more detail here:

Fight For the Kaiser!

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