Saturday, 3 June 2017

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Horsa glider
 The Airspeed AS.51 Horsa was a British troop-carrying glider used during the Second World War, the type was named after Horsa, the legendary 5th-century conqueror of southern Britain.

DFS 230
The DFS 230 was a transport glider operated by the Luftwaffe in the WW2, In addition to the pilot, it had room for nine men who sat close together on a narrow bench located in the middle of the fuselage.

Waco glider
The CG-4A Waco was the most widely used American troop/cargo military glider of the Second World War. It was designated the CG-4A by the United States army air forces, and named Hadrian (after the Roman emporer) in British military service.

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