Wednesday, 21 June 2017

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Some RPG and Kickstarter news from Modiphius...

Hi there,
We just wanted to let you know about the new English language version of Western, the new Wild West Roleplaying game from Fenix, which is now entering its final stages on Kickstarter.
Fenix are an acclaimed Swedish RPG company, and have just released a brand new video showcasing Western's best features and below, you'll find further information and some gorgeous new art from the game, which Modiphius will be distributing.

Western is coming! An award-winning game set in the wild west with balanced game mechanics, 300+ illustrations and loads of scenarios.
Strap on your boots, your holster and your Stetson and get ready for a game full of the old west feel. This award-winning Swedish game comes in two core books, one dedicated to character creation and playing Western and the other a giant tool box for Game Masters.
In Western, you will encounter a rich tapestry of colorful characters, such as ruthless desperadoes, merciless bounty hunters, incorruptible lawmen, courageous Indian braves, corrupt Indian agents and bible-thumping preachers. The War Between the States is over, but the bitterness and the conflicts still remain. Ranch wars flare, rumors of gold summon thousands of adventurers, peaceful towns live in fear of outlaw gangs and justice is executed by the fasted gun. It is a time and a place in need of heroes.
We hope you've enjoyed a quick sample of this this whip cracking new RPG and look out for more information and artwork coming soon,
Best wishes,
Modiphius Entertainment

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