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Warlord Games Friday newsletter...

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Welcome to the Warlord Games Friday Newsletter, featuring all this coming week's New Releases and other wargaming news.

Napoleon's Grand Battery!

Grand Battery

One gun or even one battery may not be enough against your enemies - form up in to the impressive and deadly Grand Battery with the new 12-pdrs and Howitzer!

Choose your Calibre!

Imperial Guard Foot 6-pdr Artillery

Firing and Laying options!

Imperial Guard Foot 12-pdr Artillery

Firing and Laying options!

Imperial Guard Foot Howitzer 

Firing and Laying options!

Mule Train

Sometimes the hardest contributors to war aren’t even human - the new Napleonic French Mule Train ‘The Carrot’ is carrying essentials to help Napoleon rule France with an iron fist.

Saddle Up!

1st & 2nd Heavy Cavalry Divisions Waterloo

Build the complete 1st and 2nd Lifeguards, the Horse guards, the 1st King’s Dragoon Guards, the 1st Royal Regiment of Dragoons, 2nd Regiment of Dragoons (Royal Scots Grey's) & 6th Dragoons (the Inniskillens), plus a FREE Royal Horse Artillery 9-pdr!

1st Household Division

Containing 48 cavalrymen of the Horse Guards. Allowing you to represent all four units in the division, the red-jacketed 1st and 2nd Lifeguards, the Horse guards (their blue tunics giving them their nickname, ‘the blues’) and the 1st King’s Dragoon Guards.

2nd Heavy Dragoon Division

Build your Heavy Dragoons of the 1st Royal Regiment of Dragoons, 2nd Regiment of Dragoons (Royal Scots Grey's) & 6th Dragoons (the Inniskillens), 36 cavalrymen ready to strike fear in the hearts of the French!

Highlanders Brigade

The skirl of the bagpipes can be heard across the battlefield as the Highland regiments, in their distinctive plumed bonnets and swinging kilts, march to war fully prepared to beat Napoleon's forces back to France.

Mule Train

Supporting Wellingtons army as they march to war comes the Napoleonic British Mule Train 'The Stick', carrying essential supplies to the front lines!

Fight for the Farm!

Begin the Uprising!

Sir Oswald Mosely and his blackshirts (the BUF) are patrolling the streets of Britain to help the German forces and seek a union between Britain and Germany.
Form your Black Shirts into a more effective 5th Column force as the threat of invasion looms large on the horizon!

Defend the Realm!

The British Expeditionary Force is back from France and ready to take on the enemy scourge.

Explore a New System!

A distress signal has been heard and many forces are heading toward an unknown enemy... Can you survive the Chyrseis Shard...
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