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The latest 'Nickstarter' news and other releases from North Star Military Figures..

Ulterior Motive cardsUlterior Motive cardsTo all the Ulterior MotivesNickstarter participants, thank you very much for getting involved.
Another successful Nickstarter!
There has been a lot of new figures and rule sets come in over the past month, you'll see them all listed below, I hope there's something that is of interest to you.
Looking forward, we're planning two new projects with Osprey Games.
The first is Dracula's America: Shadow of the West. This is a Wild West gunfight game, set in a fantasy setting where Dracula has become President of the USA.
We have created a Facebook page that offers more information:
We have also created a Players Page in anticipation of people getting into this game.
Frostgrave: Ghost ArchipelagoThe second is Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago.
This is the next chapter in the Frostgrave story.
Ghost is a stand alone game set in a hotter part of the Frostgrave world, and introduces new types of Warbands and opponents.
Again we've set up a Facebook page:
 and players page give us a 'like' for each of those pages and participate in the ones covering your favourite game.
Please give us a 'like' for each of those pages and participate in the ones covering your favourite game.
Thanks for reading.
Nick Eyre

Renedra Plastic Accessories
Renedra Plastic Accessories
Photo of Breached Wall Section ( RNBREACH)
RNBREACH - Breached Wall Section
FROSTGRAVE Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City
Photo of Frostgrave: Ulterior Motives (FGVUM)FrostgraveUlterior Motives
The Frozen City harbours many secrets, and not all of them are ancient. While most adventurers who brave the dangers seek wealth and lost magic, some journey intoFrostgrave for more personal reasons…
This expansion for Frostgrave consists of 40 Ulterior Motives cards, which add variety, depth, and new tactical challenges to wargames in the Frozen City. Each card presents the player with a specific task to accomplish and offers rewards if they succeed. Some of these missions must be revealed to all of the players, others must be kept secret. Will your wizard seek to slay a great demon? Rescue a desperate captive? Bring retribution to an enemy?
All wizards seek power, but what are their ulterior motives?
42 oversized cards (40 Ulterior Motive cards, 2 cards of rules)
Osprey Publishing
Mad Dogs With Guns
Photo of Mad Dogs With Guns (BP1581)WARGAMING IN THE GANGSTER ERA Howard Whitehouse Roderick RobertsonIllustrator: Peter Dennis In 1919, the US Government declared the production, distribution, and sale of alcohol illegal. America officially became a ‘dry' land. That didn't stop people from drinking, however, and the rise of the ‘speakeasy' offered huge new opportunities for organized crime. Soon, cities both large and small became battlegrounds as various crime syndicates vied for control of the underground alcohol trade.
In Mad Dogs With Guns, players form their own small gangs of fedora-wearing, tommy gun-wielding gangsters and battle it out with their rivals. With numerous different gangs to choose from, including cops and G-men, a fully integrated campaign system, and rules for special situations such as car chases, the game offers a huge variety of tactical challenges. Bribe public officials, attend a gangland funeral, but always watch your back - there is always another gang waiting to poach your territory…
Flames of War
Flames of War World War Two Desert War
Photo of Desert Rats Grant Armoured Troop  (BBX37)
BBX37 - Desert Rats Grant Armoured Troop
Photo of Afrika Korps Panzer IV Tank Platoon (GBX97)
GBX97 - Afrika Korps Panzer IV Tank Platoon
Fireforge Games
Medieval World   9th Age   Medieval Russia
Western Medieval
Photo of Birger Jarl  (FFG160)
FFG160 - Birger Jarl
Burn & Loot (Deus Vult)
Photo of Burn & Loot (Deus Vult) (BP1535)This game focuses on small engagements fought between the Eleventh and Fourteenth centuries in both Eastern and Western Europe. With Burn & Loot, you can simulate any kinds of battle, from small clashes between patrols, to large battles and attacks on strongholds.
Several battle scenarios are included in this book so you can face a new challenge every time you play.
In this book you will also find army lists that allow you to quickly and easily assemble a force for battle.
New from
Warlord Games
Warlord Games - Dr Who
Photo of Exterminate! - In to the Time Vortex Game  (WG - 6015100)
Exterminate!In to the Time Vortex Game
Photo of DALEKS & DAVROS EXPANSION SET  (WG - 6020101)
Warlord Games - Dr Who
Great Escape Games
BP1377 - Dead Man's Hand
Great Escape Games - Dead Mans Hand
Curse of Dead Mans Hand
Photo of The Curse of Dead Man's Hand Building Collection (28S-DMH-S4 )
28S-DMH-S4 - The Curse of Dead Man's Hand Building Collection
Photo of The Cursed Church (28S-DMH-132 )
28S-DMH-132 - The Cursed Church
Dungeons & Dragons
Dungeons & Dragon DM Screens
Photo of DM Screen: Tyranny of the Dragon (D&D73701)
D&D73701 - DM Screen: Tyranny of the Dragon
Wargames Illustrated
Giants in Miniature   Painting Guides   Wargames Illustrated
Giants in Miniature (GiM) is a new range of 28mm limited edition metal character figures produced by Wargames Illustrated.Giants in Miniature is a range of 28mm limited edition metal character figures produced by Wargames Illustrated. This range will expand at a rate of one pack per month, with the newly released figure/s linking in with the theme of the latest issue of Wargames Illustrated.
Allan QuatermainA hero from the old school, Africa is in his blood and a part of his soul. It is said that Quatermain will live for as long Africa endures.  Quatermain has been seen to fall, only to re-appear alive once more. A former big game hunter, he now leads others on adventures across Africa and beyond, armed with his trusty Double Barreled Express "Matilda" Rifle. He is occasionally a reluctant servant of the Crown, but will always fight for justice. A crack shot, he can track any creature anywhere, supposedly even across a pane of glass. Although somewhat aged, he is still as tough and unforgiving as the land he loves.
This is a limited edition figure (only 500 will be made) and comes in a numbered gift box. 
Photo of Quartermain (GiM19)
Wargames Illustrated 356
Photo of Wargames Illustrated 356 (BP-WI356)OBSERVATION POST
 Why I love Death in the Dark Continent.
EXTERMINATE! Across all of Time and Space, war rages and the innocent suffer. We need a few good men, or perhaps just one Timelord and his companions. It’s a Time for Heroes, it’s the time of The Doctor….
THEME: A TALE OF three armies We gave three gamers the chance to create their own forces for the updated Death in the Dark Continent rules. Here’s what they came up with.
THEME: MODELLING IDEAS - AFRICAN TERRAIN Chris Peers shares some ideas on how to make your games set in the Dark Continent actually look like the Dark Continent.
The Lost City of Z. THEME: battle for EGYPT 1801 A pictorial account of the British invasion of Egypt during the Napoleonic Wars, aimed at ousting the French Armee D’Orient, as re-created by Alan Perry.
club focus: BOSCOMBE DOWN & AMESBURY WARGAMES CLUB Our latest article in this series focuses on a UK based club with links to the military.
Fighting Talk: Regrets Mark Shearwood has had a few. And we bet you have too.
New from
Warlord Games
Bolt Action
Campaign: Sea Lion
The year is 1940, and the German invasion of Britain has begun. With this new campaign book for Bolt Action, players can fight the battles of World War II's greatest ‘what if' scenario. Defend the cliffs of Dover and the beaches of Kent from wave after wave of German landing craft. Parachute into the Home Counties in a surgical strike to capture Winston Churchill. Rally the Home Guard in a last, desperate attempt to keep England free of the Nazi invaders! Containing new rules, scenarios, and unit types covering all of the unique features of this alternate history campaign, it offers a chance for all Bolt Action players to truly rewrite the history of World War II.
Two Fat Lardies
Photo of General d’Armee (BP1584)General d’Armee
Designed by Dave Brown, General d’Armee are designed for action from Division upwards for the Napoleonic period.  Dynamic and fast-paced, General d’Armee uses the ADC command and control system first seen in Pickett’s Charge to put you in the shoes of the commanding General, deciding how and when to use your influence to control and win the battle.
Packed with Napoleonic flavour, General d’Armee uses the battalion as the smallest manoeuvre element, the Brigade the lowest tactical command. A typical club night action involving several Brigades per side and a full day or weekend handling a Corps or two with ease.
108 pages in length with two A4 laminated playsheets, General d’Armee includes rules for using both 15mm and 28mm figures, suggestions for organising your armies with a point system and a guide to rating force. An introductory scenario is all you need to get playing with this great new set of rules from the master of the big battlefield.
GO TO Crusader Miniatures
Crusader World War II - French
French Motorcycle Troops
Photo of French Motorcycle and Sidecar (WWFbik)
WWFbik - French Motorcycle and Sidecar
Painting War
Painting War
Photo of Painting War 8: ACW (BP1583)
 Painting War 8: ACW
Awesome special issue on how to paint American Civil War armies. More than 25 different miniatures painted by Ángel Aparicio (Oniria Miniatures), and a complete painting guide.
Gripping Beast
Photo of Swordpoint: Classical Armies (BP1576)
Swordpoint: Classical Armies
SWORDPOINT Classical Armies provides you with all the information you need to field Classical Armies in your games of SWORDPOINT.
The book covers the period 500 BC to 300 AD and contains 59 army lists with many variants.
You require a copy of SWORDPOINT Ancient and Medieval Wargames Rules to use this book.
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Welcome to North Star Military Figures. We are a UK based company that stocks thousands of model soldiers and wargames rule books, as well as various accessories to go with them.
Frostgrave is copyright Osprey Games 2017. Miniatures are all copyright North Star Military Figures Limited & Osprey Games 2017. 

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