Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Warlord Games - Newsletter

Warlord Games mid-week feature and release round-up...

FREE: WGI issue 355 on orders over £30/$50 whilst stocks last!
Designers Notes: Chryseis Shard with Rick Priestley!
The Freeborn have developed their own formations to protect their customers and themselves during trade 'negotiations', muster your Freeborn Garrison Patrol!
Includes FREE Download.
Gather your Hazard armour and embark in your Strike Capsules as the Algoryn Special Division descends towards Chryseis III.
Includes FREE Download.
Jon Harrington has sent in a great series of articles describing his return to the battlefields of the far future - this time in Antares
Includes FREE Download.
Location: Mayena, a rural, virtually unpopulated planet on the border of Determinate space. Prince Batu Delhren & Commander Baray Tsulmari find themselves summoned for a new mission...
Pete at TWG has done some fantastic videos on each of our Antarean races, simple and effective guides allowing you to get cracking with your own painting schemes!
Learn how Warlorder Jamie prepares for the upcoming doubles tournament, and there is no better way than starting a new army!
A warning from Warlord! There may be some disruption of order delivery times due to our new system upgrade... Fear not! The new system which is scheduled to be in place on July 1st, should improve our service!
Terrain Tutor is back with a container tutorial! This is perfect for your urban environments!
Next up in their series, Konflikting Opinions will be taking a look at the Konflikt 47 starter boxes we have for the Germans!
Strap on your Weird WWII boots and head down on Saturday 12th of August. Discover more detail here:
Wargames Workshop Northampton has been one of Northamptonshire's premier gaming establishments as far back as anyone seems to be able to remember!

Upcoming Events

Come on down for a full-on day of Antares on Saturday 1st of July. We have plenty of room - join battles, seminars, displays and more!
Receive a free copy of Wargames Illustrated, May Issue 355 when you spend over £30/$50 whilst stocks last!
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