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An Achtung! Cthulhu discount from Modiphius...


Terror on the pricing front!
Hi there,

Today we're really pleased to bring Achtung! Cthulhu fans a triple header of guide goodness, with the Achtung! Cthulhu guides to the Pacific, Eastern Front and 
North Africa all down from their usual prices of £17.99 and £14.99 to just £9.99 for one week only!
In each of these awesome field guides you'll open up new fronts in key theatres as the Secret War rages beyond Europe and into the wider world.

North Africa
Discover a land of great antiquity, steeped in legend; a fiery cauldron of political and occult intrigue where the heat is as much your enemy as any man with a gun; and a formidable wilderness where only the strong will survive with their sanity intact.
The 144 page full colour softback Guide to North Africa includes:
- New civilian and military occupation templates: play as an archaeologist, SAS special forces, a Bedouin tribesman, Askari, the LRDG, and the French Foreign Legion
- New tomes of forbidden lore, such as the Book of Thoth and the Book of Angels, and yet more summoning spells and protective enchantments
- Desert vehicles and equipment, fantastical and mundane (including Nachtwalfe's latest developments)
- Intriguing weapons and artefacts, such as the Atlantean sliver gun, the Yithian Stone Hunter and the Ashes of Sebek
- Ancient horrors from the depths of the desert (and space and time): crocodile hybrid mummies, djinn, and the Great Race of Yith
- Details on Black Suns quest for Irem and Nachtwalfe's constant search for Atlantean technology
Eastern Front
Horror stalks the steppes! Discover a vast land under the thumb of a brutal regime; a downtrodden yet determined population who have seen many horrors, not all of them of man's making; and a land where giant machines of war rage across the countryside, terrorising all in their path.
The - 128 page full colour softback and PDFGuide to the Eastern Front includes:
- New investigator occupation templates: play members of the Soviet underworld, political prisoners, NKVD agents, and the cavalry
- Information on Russian military structure and the issues faced when waging a war on the Eastern Front
- More nameless horrors and vile creatures, such as the Krysolud, tThe insects from Shaggai, and the Stalin Lampen
- Details on the inner workings of Institute 21, Otdel MI, and the Cult of Red Horus, as well as a variety of independent occult organisations and their nefarious plans for the Soviet Union
- Tanks! (including Nachtwolfe's proposed super tank that puts the Maus and Ratte to shame...)
Pacific Front
Discover tales of heroic struggles in the Far East and the Pacific Islands; the re-emergence of archaic evils deep within an ancient land; the terrors of jungle warfare, where humans are not the only things stalking you, and the term wildlife potentially has a whole new meaning...
The 128 page full colour softcover Guide to the Pacific Front includes
- A variety of new civilian and military character templates
- New tomes, weapons, artefacts & equipment]
- Even more vile creatures & occult threats
- Rules for surviving not only jungle warfare, but the jungle itself

Each guide adds a whole dossier's worth of useful historical and fantastical information to help you expand your campaign out into the wider world of the Secret War, with stats and rules for use with BOTH Call of Cthulhu 6th Edition AND Savage Worlds in one book, plus a free PDF on purchase!
Best wishes,
Modiphius Entertainment

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