Saturday, 17 February 2018

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A Deadly Wit
Heirs of the Laughing God: A Deadly Wit
Gav Thorpe
Battling orks, the Harlequins of the Masque of the Fading Dawn begin to worry about their Great Harlequin's reckless behaviour as it threatens danger for them all.

The master of aeldari fiction, Gav Thorpe, returns with a tale of the Harlequins, the most mysterious and intriguing of all their race.

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Latest News
The Slayer Returns
One of Warhammer's all-time classic characters is coming back for new adventures in the Age of Sigmar. Gotrek Gurnisson will be back in battle later this year in a new four-part audio drama. Find out more on Warhammer Community now.
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Black Library Day
24th February 2018
Head to your local Games Workshop or Warhammer store on Saturday 24th February to celebrate all things Black Library and take part in activities. Pick up the new Eisenhorn novel, The Magos, along with an exclusive Inquisitor Eisenhorn Citadel miniature! Lukas the Trickster also hits the shelves, along with a chance to grab the usually direct-only model. 
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