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Wyrd Games - February Newsletter

Looking forward to the encounter boxes...and Marlena Webster...


We're back with another newsletter to let you know what's coming up for all things Wyrd. One of the most exciting bits of news is that there is an upcoming Through the Breach worldwide campaign. We can't share more details at the moment, but get your Fate decks ready. Fatemasters prepare!

This month's newsletter looks at the newest Chronicles, upcoming releases, and a look at our media offerings. Check it out!
The newest edition of the Wyrd Chronicles is now available. The Wyrd Chronicles is a free e-zine that can be downloaded at DriveThruRPG.

This edition of Chronicles features the following articles:
  • Starting Malifaux on a Budget – the Outcasts: Need to build a new crew on the cheap? Get top-notch advice about putting together an Outcast crew!
  • A Look into GG2018: A quick rundown of the newest Gaining Grounds document and what to expect.
  • Never Look a Gift Kentauroi in the Mouth: Being a Guild Guard is not a good job in the best of times...
  • Iron Painter 2017: Check out the winners of last year's Iron Painter.
  • Building a Gaming Board - Part One: A hobby article looking at building a winter-themed game board.
  • Elements of Matrimony: A Through the Breach one-shot adventure involving a wedding and the planner getting arrested.
  • What Lies Beyond: Two famous Earthside explorers find out what it's like to go into the wilds of Malifaux.
  • Be Mine: A Malifaux story encounter for finding true love for up to 4 players.

February Releases

WYR20351Medical Automatons$16.00
WYR20730Lotus Eaters$21.00
WYR20249Little Gassers$21.00
WYR20350The Beast Within & Ferdinand Vogel$24.00

March Releases

WYR20645Big Brain Brin$11.00
WYR20539Marlena Webster$18.00

April Releases

WYR20643Gautraeux Bokor$24.00
WYR20731Gwyneth Maddox$11.00
WYR20540Freikorps Engineer$18.00
WYR20908Backdraft (Encounter Box)$60.00
Wyrd has a variety of media available for free to everyone.
  • Every Wednesday a new wallpaper is available on our website for Wallpaper Wednesday. There is a large collection of Malifaux options available, as well as a variety of options for some of our other games.
  • We have a free ezine available, Wyrd Chronicles. The Chronicles have stories, hobby articles, RPG adventures, and more! Be sure to check out this magazine, currently available on DriveThruRPG. A new edition was just released for February!
  • Most Mondays we release a look at something upcoming in our Monday Preview. These are a great opportunity to see what Wyrd is working on and what's coming down the pipeline. We have a lot of things to show off, so check back every Monday!
  • On Fridays we try to show off previews for the upcoming The Other Sideminiatures game.
  • Every other Thursday we release a free podcast called the Tales of Malifauxas part of our Breachside Broadcast. This podcast goes through the Malifaux fiction one story at a time, starting all the way back with the first book in first edition. It's a great way to catch up on our old stories or go through them again.
There's still a chance to get involved in The Other Side's Kickstarter via BackerKit. The opportunity won't last long, so if you're interested, back today!

Also, if you're looking to get a little more Wyrd, we have recently taken over the administration of the A Wyrd Place Facebook group. If you're on Facebook and want to chat about our games or say hi, feel free to join.

It's starting to feel more like spring around here. As new life blossoms, so to do new gaming opportunities. We're excited for all the new things this year will hold. Have a great day!

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