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Some release news from the Mighty Boards team...
February Newsletter 2018
Dear Mighty Boardsters,

6 weeks into the new year and Mighty Boards is steaming on at full power. In today's news: Vengeance release and reviews, Petrichor production completion, Nights of Fire Kickstarter, Posthuman Saga and our new hire, Eleni Papadopoulou from Cardboard Rhino!
Nights of Fire: Battle for Budapest
Nights of Fire: Battle for Budapest is fast approaching the day of the revolution, where we will launch a Kickstarter for the new game including a new expansion Days & Nights: Red Army Pack with a full campaign mode, where players can join a game of Days of Ire: Budapest 1956, with a game of Nights of Fire into a combined experience. As well as some other surprises that we will leave until the launch of the campaign.
Twobatsgaming Vengeance review
Next update on the Nights of Fire Kickstarter campaign coming soon.
Starting off with our recent releases, the Vengeance Kickstarter fulfilment is now complete and it has started to appear in stores worldwide. The release has been accompanied by a number of great reviews:

Twobatsgaming have knocked it out of the park with this review. On-point analysis and the funniest, thematic intro to a boardgame review EVER.
Twobatsgaming Vengeance review
And here are some great written reviews from Tech Raptor, Wolf's Gaming Blog and Boardgameprices:

Wolf's Gaming Blog


We couldn't be happier about the reviews out so far!
Petrichor had a great launch at Essen Spiel in October where all copies got sold out in a few hours! The game caught the interest of publishers worldwide and language versions are underway for French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, and a couple of others that are being finalized. Petrichor is also starting to get some reviews, though since we only had a few review copies available, the bulk of these will be rolling in in the coming months:
Tom Vasel's Dice Tower review:

And in Russian from Geek Media RU:

Some other friends of ours from GameBoxAdvanced got creative with their storage solutions. Check out the slickness of that fit:
Twobatsgaming Vengeance review
Posthuman Saga
Another wave of Posthuman Saga tests are done! The goal of this wave was to test some major changes to the system that allow for more ways of accumulating Victory Points, increase the excitement at the end of the game and shorten the overall length to 2 hours. The outcome was better than we expected! Posthuman Saga prototypes are now shipping to our test international test groups in the US, Malaysia, Denmark, Hong Kong and the UK. The game now has several different winning options, new euro-ish game dynamics and a whole bunch of new stories.
Arjuna will be working with us again on the art of Posthuman Saga. Here are the initial sketch and the inked and coloured version of the hunter side by side!
Twobatsgaming Vengeance review
Join the Posthuman Saga grouphere:
Finally, we'd like to introduce you all to  Eleni Papadopoulou (aka Cardboard Rhino)
Eleni has joined the Mighty Boards team and will be in charge of Community Management and Social Media.
A Mighty welcome to Eleni!
That's all for this edition of the Mighty Boards newsletter. Catch you all soon!

The Mighty Boards Team

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