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Warlord Games usual end of week feature and release round-up...
Warlord Games Friday Newsletter 23 February 2018.
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Presidents Day 20% Selected US Bolt Action and AWI range Must end this weekend!
3 for 2 on Bolt Action and Napoleonic Russians

They Must Come To An End!

3 for 2 on Bolt Action and Napoleonic Russians
3 for 2 on Selected Russian forces must end this weekend!
Pre-orders now live in store:
Shield Wall - The Dark Ages Sagas supplement for Hail Caesar in store for Pre-order today:
Shield Wall - The Dark Ages Sagas:
Shield Wall is an action-packed supplement for Hail Caesar which introduces the main battles, armies and personalities of the Dark Ages in the British Isles from around 400AD up to 1000AD. Included in this full-colour recourse are army lists for Limitanei, early and late Saxons, Romano-British, Welsh-Cymru, Irish, Picts, Gaels, Vikings and Irish-Norse. Plus Skirmish rules for smaller scale engagements between warbands as well as full campaign rules and several linked scenarios ­from Badon Hill to Brunanburh...
Shield Wall Saxon Starter in store for Pre-order today:
Shield Wall Viking Starter in store for Pre-order today:

The Dark Ages Starts Here!

Shield Wall Skirmish Starter in store for Pre-order today:
The Complete Shield Wall Starter in store for Pre-order today:
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We've got some cracking elite action this week starting with the finely sculptured Theban Sacred Band - only ever 300 strong
Plus new Commando HQ for the British forces in Bolt Action and a 'Vignette' style set for the Waffen-SS... read on:
Sacred Band of Thebes offer in store today:
Sacred Band of Thebes:
Introducing the magnificent Theban Sacred Band. Regarded as invincible throughout all of Ancient Greece, the Theban Sacred Band were specially selected and trained elite soldiers of the Theban army in the 4th century BC...
Theban Sacred Band Command 4 figure pack in store here
Theban Sacred Band 8 figure set in store here

Bolt Action - Commando!

British Commandos HQ in store today:
British Commandos HQ:
Armed with the trusty Thompson sub-machine gun, and the rarer De Lisle Commando carbine, this British Commandos HQ is ready for any special operation...
British Commandos Decals:
British Commandos Decals:
Gear up your men and get them ready for inspection with the Commando Decal waterslide sheet.
Waffen-SS Schwimmwagen diorama (winter):
Waffen-SS Schwimmwagen diorama (winter):
The iconic Schwimmwagen diorama from many famous photographs is just calling out to become a centrepiece in your collection...
Blood Red Skies Collection

It's on its way - Order soon to avoid disappointment!

Blood Red Skies Update article
Battle Of Britain Offer in store here
Luftwaffe Offer in store here
RAF Offer in store here
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