Saturday, 24 February 2018

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The Daughters of Khaine enter the Age of Sigmar...
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Black Library Celebration Papaerback
Morathi Returns!
The Shadow Queen is yours to command! Lead the Daughters of Khaine to victory with peerless cunning, unleash deadly magics, and transform and crush your foes with sheer physical might...
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Daughters of Khaine
Your Guide to the Armies of Shadow
Battletome: Daughters of Khaine begins a dark new chapter for the aelves. Read the sinister story of how Morathi rose to power, then command the Daughters of Khaine for yourself with new allegiance abilities, deep customisation options and updated units. 
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Witch Aelves
Battleline of the Bloody-Handed God
Armed with cruel weapons and peerless fervour, the Witch Aelves and Sisters of Slaughter are the core of your Daughters of Khaine army, throwing themselves upon the foe in a frenzy of violence.  
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Witch Aelves
Doomfire Warlocks
Sorcerous Cavalry
of the Covens
Strike the flanks of your foes and obliterate units with blasts of dark fire with the Doomfire Warlocks, cursed light cavalry of the Daughters of Khaine.   
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Dark Riders
Warscroll CardsDice
The Tools of Slaughter
Show your allegiance to Khaine, and make keeping track of your games even easier, with the Daughters of Khaine Warscroll Cards, and dice emblazoned with the symbol of the bloody-handed deity.   
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Hag Queen
1 Kit, 5 units!
How will you build yours? Get a zealous Slaughter Queen, mystical Bloodwrack Medusa and an Avatar of Khaine all in one box - or mount them upon a mobile shrine and enhance their powers.
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Black Library Day
Head to your local Warhammer or Games Workshop store today to join in the celebration of 20 years of adrenaline-fuelled fiction from the worlds of Warhammer, with new models and more to get your hands on.  
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From the page to your tabletop
You've read the stories. You know the legend. Now, for the first time ever, you'll be able to add Gregor Eisenhorn to your Warhammer 40,000 army, thanks to a new model and a special scenario to match.  
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Eisenhorn returns!
After 5 years, Dan Abnett returns to the shadowy underworld of the Imperium with a new Eisenhorn story, collected in a special edition featuring rare and unseen material.   
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Saga of the Trickster
Lukas the Trickster stars in a brand new novel from Josh Reynolds, as he battles wits with the legendary drukhari corsair Duke Sliscus.  
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Read the book, get the model
If you're inspired by the latest novel, why not add this mischievous Space Wolf to your army? 
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White Dwarf
Your essential monthly Warhammer update
March's White Dwarf is your guide to another month of new releases, and is packed with Battle Reports, tutorials, previews and more - pre-order your copy now. 
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Malign Portents
Another sinister story from the Age of Sigmar 
Read the latest tale from Malign Portents and dive deeper into the mysterious crises facing the realms in this Time of Tribulations:
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