Friday, 16 February 2018

Modiphius Entertainment - Newsletter

Modiphius's latest Kickstarter begins to unlock stretch goals...
Stretch Goal #1 unlocked!
Corporal Akhee Singh joins the video game & introduces Akhee Unleashed Miniature!
Corporal Akhee "the Eye" Singh reporting for duty!

Together we’ve smashed our first stretch goal in the turn based Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics game. This means Auroch Digital now set about working Akhee Sing digitally into the game, while over at Modiphius HQ we are creating an alternative ‘unleashed’ version of his miniature, which is available as an Add On (see below).

This also unlocks a PDF of RPG and wargame stats for those with 'unlocked pdfs'.
Corporal Singh wears a strange medallion with an ancient prayer or chant engraved on the reverse. When he utters the fateful words the medallion's eye begins to open, and Akhee is imbued with inhuman martial fighting skills whilst a deadly black mist begins to spread around him destroying everything in its path. However Akhee knows that if the eye should ever fully open, the world will end...
All agents of clearance'Enlisted' and
above will get him in the video game being made by us at Auroch Digital.

All agents of ‘Cited for Valor’ or above now get the updated Corporal Akhee Singh PDF with expanded rules for use in the Achtung! Cthulhu RPG and skirmish games, being
created now by Modiphius.
All agents of ‘Miniatures Collector' or 'Supreme
Commander' pledge levels will be able to select him as part of your rewards. If not - now is a good time to upgrade your pledge. This is easy to do;

  • Click on the blue circular + button for Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics.
  • This shows you your pledge level for the project. Scroll down until you see Your Pledge and select the 'edit' link to the right of it, where you can select a higher loot-laden pledge!
  • Enjoy the karma of advancing the Secret War in the right direction!

Onwards to the next goal! Together we can do it!!

Alternatively you will be able to recruit him and the new Pathfinder Demon Hunters as an Add On. Simply click on 'Manage Your Pledge' then 'Change Your Pledge' - now simply change the amount pledged by an extra £6 to include him
Finally, Auroch Digital are going to be doing their firstFacebook Live on Monday 19th February 4.30pm GMT, 5.30pm European Central Time, 11.30am EST, 8.30am PST. We’ll talk about the digital development, demo the gameplay (using a test system we’ve built) and also introduce a few of the team. We’d love you to join us! Simply Like’
In the next update about we're going to be talking about plans for the RPG, the living campaign and new launches for the Skirmish game this year.

Thanks, Captain Birch, Section M

PS. They’re doing motion capture for the video game at the moment. This happened yesterday… 
Thank you so much for the support
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