Friday, 16 February 2018

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New from Mantic Games...
Take part in the Vanguard beta test!
This is YOUR chance to take part in the Kings of War: Vanguard beta test! We want players to try out the basic warbands to make sure they're balanced and fun. Set in the world of Mantica, Vanguard recreates the brutal battles between small warbands of hardened fighters, ready to do whatever it takes to gain the upper hand. Click the image below for more details.


Missed out on the Kickstarter? Fret not, my friend. Late pledges for Kings of War: Vanguard are available until February 28th. You can pick up the warband of your choice or go for the mighty $150 Giant Pledge, which includes four full warbands (Basileans, Nightstalkers, Forces of the Abyss and Northern Alliance), a plastic giant, scenery and lots more! Click on the image below to grab your late pledge.
What's more, the Vanguard late pledges also include this awesome plastic giant! It measures 180mm tall and comes with alternate arms and a head. It's currently available for the, quite frankly, crazy price of $25 (plus shipping). There's even a Frost Giant upgrade kit, should you prefer a chillier chap.
Moving away from Vanguard, we're pleased to announce that tickets are now on sale for the DreadBall UK National Championship. This exciting tournament will be taking place here at Mantic HQ on 7th July. Get your ticket NOW!
Finally, the DreadBall Locker Room is open for business! Presented by your hosts Elmer and Dobbs, the Locker Room will be a regular guide to the ins and outs of DreadBall. In their first entry, Elmer and Dobbs run through the basics of the galaxy's greatest sport. Click the image above for the blog.
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