Saturday, 10 February 2018

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More new The Walking Dead Miniatures Game releases from Mantic Games...amongst other things of course...
At Woodbury, Rick and the survivors will be Made to Suffer...
The Walking Dead Wave Four, also known as Made to Suffer or Woodbury will be released later this month. In anticipation, we've spent the last week going over some of the cool new rules and mechanics you'll be able to find inside the new sets.
We've also updated the FAQ/Errata sheet on the website, ready for all of the new games that players will be playing. The Made to Suffer Expansion includes rules for factions of Survivors and larger games, so expect to face new challenges on the tabletop.

You can read all of the blogs from our Wave Four Week (and get some free scenarios, too) below!
The Made to Suffer Expansion is central to Wave Four. It covers the events of Rick and the other Survivors meeting the tyrannical Governor of Woodbury, right up to the the Governor's assault on the prison! There are also advanced rules for fighting at night and playing larger games. You can read the blog here.
Brian Blake is better known as the Governor, the ruthless leader of Woodbury. As you might expect of such a villain, he is a powerful character on the tabletop. We've put together a helpful blog that goes through his strengths and weaknesses, and how to get the most out of them, which you can read here.
For those of you who enjoy the competitive side of The Walking Dead: All out War, we've put together a couple of new scenarios to play through with your friends. You can find out more about these, and download them for free, in this blog.
Wave Four is filled with lots of cool items, as both groups equip themselves for war. We've gone through some of our favourites from the selection available, and where you can get them, in this blog.

Don't forget you can pre-order
The Walking Dead Wave Four
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After a brief break over the new year period, we're opening our doors again to the public. You can pop in for regular gaming on Monday evenings, or book yourself a personal tour (with a complimentary miniature). Check out the blog here for more details!

Also, we've started up a new tour that runs on selected Sundays throughout the year. These combine the tours with a day of open gaming at our HQ. What's more, the first one is free to attend! You can find more details here.


Based on player feedback, we've put together a new bundle designed to help existing DreadBall Players from 1st Edition upgrade their collections to 2nd Edition.

This contains everything you need to play. A new game deck, updated for 2nd Edition and a Collector's Edition Rulebook, with rules for 28 Teams, 66 MVPs, Leagues, Events and more!

You can grab this bundle and the rest of the DreadBall pre-orders here!

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