Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Shades of Vengeance -

A new Kickstarter from the people at Shades of Vengeance...
------------------- finally here!

Era: The Empowered is now available on Kickstarter!

In development for over 3 years, Era: The Empowered is our superhero game, running on the Era d10 Rule Set. It's finally ready for you to create whatever character you like within the expansive universe!

Like other games we've created, there's a massive scope for different kinds of games:
- You can be one of the first superheroes to emerge!
- You can be faced with threats that force you to team up with others...
- You can stand against an invasion by Atlantis!
- You can oppose the Old Gods as they rise from their slumber and try to take over the world.
- You can join the Empowered Department when superheroes become more common, helping to keep order in the world.
- You can face extra-terrestrial threats, protecting the Earth from everything that's out there...
- and much, much more!
Enter the supervillains!
This world has been designed by long-time fans and a 15-year veteran of the comics industry. We've worked to make it possible to play every type of story we could think of!
Join the Empowered!

Tales of the Empowered

Our anthology of short stories has recently been completed, using characters created by fans and adapted by the creator of Era: The Empowered. It adds new depth to the universe with a diverse cast of characters!
You can pick it up on the Kickstarter if you missed out on it before!

Make a dynasty of heroes or villains with growing power!

In Era: The Empowered, individuals can pass their powers onto a successor, giving them multiple abilities. There's no limit to how powerful they could be!
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