Monday, 12 February 2018

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A new Fyreslayers story from David Annandale and the Black Library...
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New Titles
Shattered Crucible
Shattered Crucible
David Annandale
The Fyreslayers of the Krelstrag lodge are driven by portents and visions to prepare for war – but will it lead to their destruction or their salvation?

It's a tale of foretold doom and fiery action as the doughty duardin face monstrous daemons in the battle of their lives.

First time as a stand-alone eBook
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Warhammer Fest
Warhammer Fest 2018
Warhammer Fest is back! It's two days of all things Warhammer – including new releases and guests from Black Library – and tickets are available to buy from the Games Workshop website now. Pick up yours, and prepare for a Warhammer-filled weekend that will blow your mind.
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