Friday, 23 February 2018

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Something for the Sons of Russ from Forge World...
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Varagyr Wolf Guard
The Chosen of Russ
The Varagyr Wolf Guard are the most ferocious of the Space Wolves, marrying primal instinct to the very best their Legion's armouries have to offer. Pick up yours to form the perfect bodyguard for a Praetor, or even Leman Russ himself...
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Space Wolves
Raid and pillage...
Equip your plastic Mk III Space Marines with axes and bolt pistols, turning them into the ferocious Grey Slayers.  
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Space Wolves
...or hold the line
Looking for a more defensive option? Equip your Grey Slayers with specially styled combat shields. 
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Rogal Dorn
The Castellan of Terra
Unshakeable in defence and tireless in assault, Rogal Dorn is the master of fortifications in the 31st Millennium, whether he's tearing them down or securing them in the name of the Emperor. Add him to your collection today:
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What's next?
Get a closer look at the upcoming releases with the Coming Soon section:
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