Saturday, 10 February 2018

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Games Workshop new releases...
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Core Box
The Ultimate Competitive Miniatures Game
Choose your warband, build your deck and put your skills to the test in Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire - the game of fast-paced miniatures combat in the Mortal Realms. 
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Spiteclaws Swarm
Sneak-steal in Shadespire!
Deceive your foes, battle with the Skaven and add 60 new cards to your collection with Spiteclaw's Swarm, then match your deck to your warband with a new set of sleeves.  
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Chosen Axes
For Shadeglass, Ur-gold and Glory!
Conquer the City of Mirrors, command the Fyreslayers and enhance your deck with 60 new cards with The Chosen Axes. Make sure to keep your cards safe with specially themed sleeves too!
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Dice For Your Warband
These themed dice make the perfect accompaniment to your chosen fighters - whether you're battling with the hot-headed Fyreslayers or the insidious skaven. 
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Core Box
Intense Skirmishes in the 41st Millennium
Return to Necromunda with Necromunda: Underhive - everything you need to start your journey through the depths of Hive Primus. Build your fighters, construct your battlefield and get ready for a new generation of gang warfare...
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Gang War 2
The Underhive Just
Got Bigger...
With rules for founding your own Orlock gang, weapons for every gang and new content for your campaigns, Gang War 2 is designed to make your next Turf War bigger, better and deadlier than ever before. 
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Orlock Gang
The Lords of Iron 
The Orlocks are the latest gang to be brought into the new age of Necromunda! Master new weapons, skill trees and tactics and make the underhive your own. 
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Orlock Accessories
Tools of the Trade
Make sure you're prepared for your next expedition into the underhive with these essential tools - from dice to match your gang to Tactics cards with devious tricks to try on your foes. 
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Badzone Delta
A New Way To Die On Every Tile
Expand the underhive with these tiles - each designed to offer new tactical challenges (and new ways to die) in your games of Necromunda. 
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Malign Portents
Malign Portents Rules
Your Guide to a Dark
New Age
The Malign Portents book is now available online and in a store near you - grab your copy and prepare for the coming darkness with new rules, stories and more...
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Painting Competition
How's your army
coming on?
The next stage of the Malign Portents painting competition has begun! We'd love to see your models - share them using the #malignportents hashtag for your chance at glory.
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Malign Portents

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