Tuesday, 1 May 2018

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A tale of the Idoneth Deepkin courtesy of the Black Library and David Guymer...
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New Titles
The Sea Taketh
The Sea Taketh
David Guymer
A Kharadron Arkanaut explores the ocean floor in search of a great treasure… but what he disturbs may spell doom for him and the humans who aid him as the Idoneth Deepkin rise.

It's the very first Black Library story to feature the Idoneth Deepkin, the new additions to Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and it's a chilling tale that will leave you wary around water…
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Four Thousand Days
Four Thousand Days
When Dunnegar, Fyreslayer of Angfyrd lodge, undergoes the Trial of Wrath and emerges a Grimwrath Berzerker, little does he suspect that his true trials are just beginning…

It's a look into the making of a Grimwrath Berzerker, and at the position they hold in the society and battles of the Fyreslayers.
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Bear Eater
Bear Eater
When Hamilcar Bear-Eater and a handful of Astral Templars cross the Sea of Bones they find a civilization untouched by Chaos, and attempt to bring them back into the light of Sigmar.

A mystery from the Mortal Realms awaits for the Astral Templars. Is it possible that the touch of Chaos can be resisted?
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Black Library Live
Black Library Live 2018
Saturday 16th June | Warhammer World, Nottingham
Black Library's premier one-day event returns to the home of the Warhammer hobby. With authors galore taking part in seminars, signing your books and much more, it's an unmissable day out for all Black Library fans.
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Wrath of the Omnissiah
Imperator: Wrath of the Omnissiah
Gav Thorpe
Fewer than 400 copies left!

The Casus Belli, an Imperator Titan that has defended the Imperium for ten millennia, marches to war at the head of an army of the Adeptus Mechanicus – but will treachery end the god-machine's long legacy of glory?
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