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A Salamanders omnibus via Nick Kyme and the Black Library...
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New Titles
Salamanders: The Omnibus
Nick Kyme
After the death of their captain, Da’kir and Tsu’gan, Salamanders battle-brothers and rivals, face enemies from within and without. As their paths diverge and they face trials that will test them to their very limits, their destinies draw them back together for one final confrontation.

It's a classic series that set the tone and feel of the Salamanders Space Marines Chapter like nothing before it. If you're a fan of the Fire-Born, or just want to know more about this volcanically tempered Chapter, this is an essential purchase.

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Ghost Warrior
Ghost Warrior:
Rise Of The Ynnari
Gav Thorpe
When the long-lost Craftworld Ziasuthra reappears, Iyanna Arienal and Yvraine of the Ynnari lead an expedition to it in hope of retrieving the last cronesword. But why has the craftworld returned now, and can its inhabitants be trusted?

It's the first post-Gathering Storm aeldari novel, and focuses on the new Ynnari faction and their quest to reunite the croneswords and awaken their god.

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Overlords of the Iron Dragon
Overlords of the Iron Dragon
C L Werner
Brokrin Ullissonn, a down-on-his-luck duardin captain, has a change in fortunes when he finds an untapped source of aether-gold – but is the danger that awaits him and his crew worth the prize, or are they doomed to further failure?

It's the Kharadron Overlords' first starring role, and it's as packed with high-skies action, excitement and danger as a sky-ship's hold is with aether-gold!

Now in paperback
Also available as as eBook
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Devastation of Baal
The Devastation of Baal
Guy Haley
Baal is besieged! The alien horror of Hive Fleet Leviathan has reached the Blood Angels home world, and their entire existence is under threat. As the sons of Sanguinius gather, the battle for the fate of their bloodline begins…

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Head over to the Black Library Facebook page to be in with a chance of winning the lavish limited edition of the new novel Neferata: Mortarch of Blood. All you have to do is share your favourite Black Library quote in the comments before the 10th of May!
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Iron Hands
The Iron Hands in
Black Library fiction
David Guymer's new Iron Hands novel, The Voice of Mars, is in stores now – but did you know that the Iron Hands have a long history in Black Library fiction? On Warhammer Community this week, we took a look at classic Iron Hands tales.
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Coming Soon: August's Titles
Chaos is rising in August across the worlds of Warhammer. In the Dark Imperium, the Lords of Silence are on the march, the Horus Heresy sees the traitor fleet in turmoil, while in the Mortal Realms, witch hunters battle to stop the Dark Gods.
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