Wednesday, 2 May 2018

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In today's Warlord's hobby news, we're looking at Bolt Action, Pike & Shotte, Blood Red Skies and Test of Honour! Plus update your preferences by the 14th of May as we are introducing game specific newsletters. Don't forget to come and see the Warlord Team at one of the many events we're attending each month!
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Bolt Action - What to do with the last 100 points of your list:
Here's Warlorder JoshB, our enthusiastic and hyper-competitive gamer, to give his notion on how to finish off your army lists!
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Hobby - Sam Phillips Winter Russians:
Warlord Writer Sam Phillip's has been bitten with the winter bug and shows off his Winter Russians ready for combat.
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Finnish in Action - Demo Table Tali-Ihantala:
Following on from an article on building the battlefield for the Portinhoikka-crossroads, Juha Nieminen from Mentor On Miniatures takes a look at his recent battle for Tali-Ihantala!
Blood Red Skies Beasts of War Video Collection Article Banner
Beasts of War - Blood Red Skies Video Series:
Beasts of War have recently released an awesome set of videos based on Blood Red Skies and we compiled them into this tidy article!
Pike & Shotte Gustavus Adolphus History Article Banner
History - Gustavus Adolphus, the Lion of the North:
Søren Ralph Christensen has a large Pike & Shotte 30 Years War collection, and after painting up his Gustavus Adolphus model decided to write up a short history.
Pike & Shotte Dragoons History Article Banner
History - Pike & Shotte Dragoons:
The role of the Dragoon was still being defined in the wars of the 17th century. Dragoons later went on to become heavy shock cavalry who rarely got off their expensive horses.
Test of Honour Board Game Maniacs Video Collection Article Banner
BoardGameManiacs - Test of Honour Video Series:
BoardGameManiacs made a full complete mini-series for the game Test Of Honour and we made a neat article to compile all those videos!

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