Tuesday, 22 May 2018

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Some news from Privateer Press...
MAY 21, 2018
A few months ago, we ran the Steamroller CID cycle, which also included some significant changes to both the Masters and the Champions formats. Specifically, Masters would no longer be using the Active Duty Roster (ADR), and the ADR for Champions was going to begin using Theme Forces as well as ’casters.
Thanks to your feedback during this cycle, we refined the ADR and the format changes, and when the formats update in June (just after Lock & Load), we’re going to have two fantastic and fairly distinct premier competitive formats for WARMACHINE & HORDES.
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The P3 Grandmasters are upon us! Each year at both Lock & Load GameFest and Gen Con, some of the best talent in miniature painting converges to participate in the P3 Grandmasters painting competition. Last year, we introduced a redesign of the coveted P3 trophy, which was very well received; this year, we’re shaking up the categories that will be open to our contestants....


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