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KDU#34 - May Sale

To dispence with any boring talk about the slow onset of spring weather, let's talk about KD HQ! KD HQ located in the outer-boroughs of New York City has experienced spring-like growth this year. We have some shiny new machinery to help enhance our miniature engineering and a crop of new playtesters to support the development of 1.5 content! We're so excited and crowded!

This month's new releases are stunning: the Cyclops Knight and Generic Priestess.
We also have some rare and seasonal restocks including seasonal Spring dice, Black Knight shirts, Art Print Collections, and more!

Store Sale!

May 2018 Releases

Spring Exclusives
Spring Death Dice - Read More

New Releases
Cyclops Knight  - Read More
Priestess Read More

Monk Read More
White Knight (Heavy) Read More

Infant Sunstalker - Read More
Knight - Read More
Art Print Collection - Read More
Black Knight T-Shirt - Read More

Monster Core Game
Monster 1.5 Core Game - Read More
Community Spotlight

It’s not just the crew at KD Headquarters frantically working on all sorts of new Kingdom Death madness, across the community there’s a seemingly endless number of awesome KD designs! Daily fans go out of their ways to share their incredible projects with us. Here are just a few that caught our eye, whether found out there on the web or fired directly to us at the official Kingdom Death Twitter account @kingdomdeath
Wave 2 & Expansions of Death Sale

We experienced a shortage of Lion God and Green Knight Armor expansions at our EU warehouses. Leading us to reroute 100 shipments to ensure backers got their rewards.

At this time, we need anyone that is still expecting Wave 2 rewards and has not gotten any notification from us, to reach out so we can take care of outstanding wave 2 issues. Once we are confident we've fulfilled 99% of backers, we will launch a sale for the remaining wave 2 expansions.
Please reach out here with your concerns:
Better With Age!
Base & Prime Studio has an illuminating take on the 1.5 Update’s Old Joe, modeling a tiny, working light into this veteran’s lantern. We don’t know what else to call this besides “brilliant!” You can also see the miniature light’s “on/off” operation in the video here. Be sure to check out more from Base & Prime Studio on their website.
One Pristine Beetle
With all the incredible paint jobs we see on Kingdom Death models it’s easy for us to focus on the truly unusual projects. Still, there are definitely times where artistry alone catches our eyes, as was definitely the case with the Dung Beetle Knight from @fenpaints! Absolutely loving the detail on each carapace crack and wing freckle! And, if you’re not done being wowed, or need some inspiration for your own designs, check out more of Fen Paints’s Kingdom Death work on Instagram.
A Gorm Never Forgets
Look what @UpDogGames did to our baby-faced Gorm! Wrinkled and withered, ages of tromping and unrelenting Gorm Climate have really worn on our buddy here. It’s a take on one of KD’s more infamous monsters that borrows tones and stylings from the ancient Gorm found in the Gorm rulebook. We absolutely love seeing conversions like this, especially that focus on those elusive legendary monsters—so if you’ve got a Beast of Sorrow or Golden Eyed King of 1,000 Years in the works, let us know!!
Spotlight Survivors
If you’re looking for a short, specific lesson on Kingdom Death miniatures and painting light, then Mathieu Fontaine Miniature Art  has you covered. From lanterns illuminating survivors’ clothes to fiery-eyed monsters, there’s plenty of inspiration here for stoking your own model painting skills.
Lucky Elder
Congrats to Tyler Harris for reaching a new Hunt XP milestone! This year, though, in lieu of a weapon proficiency, he got this amazing Kingdom Death Lantern cake. Just hope it’s not bird bread under all that frosting (though, there might be a new design idea there—hum…). Thanks for sharing your big day with us, Tyler, and best wishes on many victories to come!


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