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The Hellboy Kickstarter is going into it final hours! With almost $2,000,000 raised and 122 miniatures in the core pledge, plus the almighty Box Full of Evil (with two expansions!) added, you can't afford to miss out on this great deal! The Kickstarter end in 2 hours; you can put your pledge in here.


The galaxy is in disarray, falling to greed and violence with each passing day. The Asterians have seen all of the galaxy's sins and striven to stay above them, only intervening to maintain the balance of all things. But as the sentient races tear at each other's throats, the Tesseract - the Asterian's leadership, has decreed no more. The Asterians will step out of the shadows and bring order to the galaxy.

This month, the Asterians are deploying their full might, as the military Clades are reinforced with specialists and heavy armour. The most impressive (and devastating) of these is the new plastic Chroma Force Platform (above). This great kit makes a huge anti-grav tank, or the equally large Chira Transporter. You can add one of these to your Warpath army, or even to your Deadzone strike team to bring it up to the right size to play Warpath: Firefight!

You can pre-order the Chroma/Chira here, or pick up three tanks as a discounted bundle with the Chroma Force Talon!
To back up your assaults, you'll need the elite of the Asterian Cypher Clades. The Cypher Specialists set includes 2 Cyphers with Missile Launchers, 2 Cyphers with Force Rifles and 2 Cypher Primes - enough to upgrade any force with leadership and precision firepower!

If that weren't enough we've also made Weapon Drones available separately. This set includes the Shield Drone, Plasma Vortex, Fission Beamer, and the now infamous Pulse Bombard. You can pre-order both of these sets here.
If you're looking to get started with the Asterians, or add some of the new releases to your own force, we have some new army sets that are perfect for you! The Asterian Reserve Force includes a Chroma, a squad of Black Talons, a Shuuvatar and loads of Cyphers.
The Mega Force, meanwhile, includes everything that the Asterian faction has to offer, including a Chroma, Cyphers, Marionettes, Drones, Kalyshi and more! You can pre-order both of these sets from the webstore now!
Stay tuned next week for more games and miniatures, including some reinforcements for Kings of War!
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