Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Mighty Boards Newsletter

Here's some Kickstarter news from Mighty Boards...

April Newsletter 2018
Dear Mighty Boardsters,

It's time for a small update on what we are working on here at Mighty Boards: The KS launch date for Posthuman Saga and the completion of the Nights of Fire KS campaign.
Posthuman Saga
We're super excited to announce that the KS launch for Posthuman Saga has been set for 15th May 2018! We'll be giving away a special Promo pack to backers who pledge in the first 24 hours!! To stay informed about this and the development process join the Posthuman Saga Facebook group here:
Here's a peak at what the game will look like – fresh out of the prototype printing oven:
We've wanted to give you guys a sneak peak behind the game-making scenes through our new Development Blog. These consist of a series of design diaries from Gordon, our Game Designer, Daniel, our writer and Mark, our Art Director. These are also supplemented with vlogs made by the lovely Cardboard Rhino. You can find these here:
Posthuman Saga - Interview
Nights of Fire: Battle for Budapest
We're very happy to let you know that Nights of fire was successfully funded! And we'd like to thank you all for the support. We raised close to 90,000 USD to make the game a reality, and we are super exited to be bringing Nights of Fire to the market and to be able to reprint Days of Ire. If you missed out on the Kickstarter we have now launched the pledge manager and you can still get in on the project and become a backer for a limited time! Visit to get in!
Twobatsgaming Vengeance review
That's all for this edition of the Mighty Boards newsletter. Catch you all soon!

The Mighty Boards Team

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